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    In SkyClan's Destiny and the SkyClan and the Stranger manga, there are two cats who are called Billystorm and Harveymoon. Yeah, they're not Warrior names because they where kittypets who became "daylight warriors" cats who are with the clans in the day and in the night, they go home to their twolegs. (Billystorm isn't a daylight warrior anymore.) They used to be Billy and Harvey, but when they took warrior names, they sounded really dumb. But if they could bet renamed, what could their new names be? Tell me what you think!!

    Billystorm-A.K.A. Billy

    Long-haired ginger and white tom with white paws, tail-tip, muzzle, and chest has leaf-green eyes

    Harveymoon-A.K.A. Harvey

    Long-haired white tom with a broad back with blue eyes and a pink kittypet c…

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  • SilverSky101

    Whose power do you like the best? LionBlaze's, JayFeather's, or DoveWing's?

    LionBlaze is undefeatable in battle and has the ultimate skill in fighting

    JayFeather can walk in other cat's dreams and he is able to see while doing this

    DoveWing can see and hear things and events that are happening far away

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