Hi everyone! so, I was doing some thinking. What if Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight did have kits? What would their names be? So, I thought of a few names for the kits.

Tigerkit/Tigerpaw/Tigerstripe- he would be like Brambleclaw, and Brambleclaw would have named this kit in memory of Tigerstar, but in a good way show his clanmates that his son won't destroy all the clans.

Brightkit/Brightpaw/Brightpath- This kit would be like her mother Squirrelflight. But she would be white with some tabby and orange. She would become one of the greatest medicine cats.

Firekit/Firepaw/Firepelt- I think this kit would be like Firestar. Squirrelflight would name him in honor of her father. This kit would probably be one of the greatest warriors. Might even have awesome strength like Lionblaze.

Okay, so those were a few ideas I had if Brambleclaw& Squirrelflight had kits. Tell me what you think!

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