Hey Wiki Contributors! A new idea. In Dawn of the Clans, Gray Wing is struggling to keep peace with his brother, Clear Sky. The next book, (still yet to come out) is about the 'First Battle'. Okay, I doubt one of the brothers will be killed, but cats will probably lose trust in their leaders (one of the brothers or the other). But now onto the point. As in Seekers, will be a second series for DotC*? What will happen to the Warrior Cats, if DotC does not continue? How will they END the first DotC series? With the death of a great cat; I really hope not. Not another Last Hope... ! 'Course, many fans were quite angry/upset about the end of the modern Clans. I am positive that -Kate Cary?- has confirmed the close of the main series, much to my disappointment. Now that you have heard all my points, please comment and share your thoughts on my statements, or anything related to the subject.

  • Dawn of the Clans

Thanks for taking your time to read! Please comment and keep your eye out for more blogs!

~Silverwind of MountainClan~ =)

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