What is the best way for a leader to lose his or her final life in Warriors?

Please Note: If any of this information has any disrespectful tone to it, I apologize, as it is unintentional. Please let me know (preferably on my talk page) and I will take a look at it.


Wow, I have not made a blog post in quite a while. How's everybody doing? Anyway, this debate is just a curious one. So we all know that no cat lives forever (Well, maybe except for Rock). They have all lost their lives in many different ways.

A leader could lose their final life due to something as simple as Greencough , something as foolish as intentionally ingesting an unknown/rotten foodstuff despite warning signs, something as sad as old age, or something as crazy as a battle against cats coming from cats rising from Hell (or, well, the Place of No Stars) seeking revenge against their living Clanmates.

Ideal Ways to Lose the Final Life

Now, I don't think there are any wrong ways to lose the last life, but there may be some instances where that final life loss could have been prevented (such as aforementioned eating questionable substance).

There will be a few examples applied to each type of death. For the demonstration, I will be using two leaders named Leaderstar of SampleClan, and Presidentstar of ModelClan. Both cats are genderless, and if anyone insists on knowing an appearance, they are literally just plain white cats who I guess will be seen as empty canvases. Secondary characters for examples will be Johndoe and Janedoe the deputies , who can't decide which Clan to stay in or which role to take.

Please note that a lot of these are "Could be this, may be that" kind of situations.

Battle Wounds

Ah, yes, battle wounds. I don't really have to explain this one, do I? You die from your wounds in a battle caused by Secondarycat, Tertiarycat, Backgroundcat, or Othercat. Let's put this into an example. SampleClan and ModelClan are at war. Even though SampleClan is winning the war, Leaderstar is on their last life. However, Presidentstar is on their last life as well. So, lots of fighting and stuff, claws, screeching, romances, deaths. Then for the final battle between the two leaders. Leaderstar kills Presidentstar, but later dies of their own wounds.

This could also apply if one of the leaders was at war with a group of rogues, was fighting badgers or other animals seen as antagonists  


  • It is a good way to die with dignity-- as you know that your Clan is victorious
  • You be remembered as having died a fighter, not a coward
  • This type of death signifies that you died protecting your family or entire Clan
  • This may strengthen the Clan, at the cost of losing the leader, and emphasize the need to know how to fight.


  • Presidentstar died too, and they lost the war. As a result, it could be seen as embarrassing. To play Devil's Advocate, it could be seen as a "You Tried" death and still be resepcted
  • The battle or war could be completely pointless
  • It really depends on who you are fighting. As said before, the battle/war could be completely pointless, and could possibly be easily avoidable. For example, hunting on another Clan's territory and getting into a fight there, or getting into a little fight with rogues by provoking them with words.


Greencough. That illness that many cats get, and many cats also die from. Kits and elders are the most vulnerable to this. Let's say it's leaf-bare (winter), and there is a greencough epidemic in ModelClan. Presidentstar has contracted it, and Johndoe has tried to treat them, but Presidentstar ended up dying anyway, being too old.


  • This could essentially be seen as "Presidentstar's time to go" after living a long and happy life
  • There is a chance of the illness eventually resulting in a peaceful death.
  • It is a better way to lose the leader instead of having them be killed by someone/thing
  • If Johndoe was specifically instructed by Presidentstar to give all his herbs to the more vulnerable members, they could be seen as dying a hero this way, or at least selfless.


  • Note I said there is a chance of the illness resulting in a peaceful death. Ideally, it could also be brutal, so it is a crapshoot
  • Also not really a lenient death like old age is.
  • Younger leaders can also lose their last life to this (should they be really unlucky when it comes to losing lives), and again could be easily preventable in this case, had the medicine cat had herbs with them at the time.

Non Battle-Inflicted Injury

Wounds not from battle. This includes but is not limited to being killed by:

  • Getting caught in a bear/fox trap
  • Being crushed by a falling tree or rocks or anything else heavy
  • An infected wound (not caused by an enemy)
  • Being hit by a vehicle
  • Somehow getting impaled
  • Falling from a dangerous height


  • It can be implied that the leader sacrificed their life to save someone else, resulting in a respectful way to die


  • This could also, again, be an easily preventable death, as any of these could be a result of foolish decisions
  • This death could end up being a surprise (e.g let's say Leaderstar is patrolling with Janedoe the warrior and the former offers to cross the Thunderpath first and a monster ends up coming by unexpectedly
  • Infected wounds could be a result of a leader making a poor choice and not going to see the medicine cat, going along with the "easily preventable death" 
  • Any of these deaths/injuries could end up in all 9 lives being lost at once


Oh boy. Poisoning. This can happen as a result of eating suspicious/poisonous substances (e.g deathberries) drinking tainted water or battery acid, inhaling too much smoke from a fire, or being bitten by a venomous animal.

Let's say Janedoe is planning to assassinate the gullible Leaderstar. She stuffs deathberries, foxglove seeds, deadly nightshade-- whatever she can find into the prey (Must be a large thing of prey if she can fit all of that into there.) The oblivious Leaderstar eats it, and later dies from all the poison.

Or maybe, Johndoe has found a rattlesnake disturbing ModelClan's territory and reports it to Presidentstar. Presidentstar goes to investigate and gets into a little fight with the rattlesnake. They're bitten, then RIP

How about, there may be a forest fire instead? After Rulerstar (since I already used the above two leaders) has gotten their Clan out safely, they end up inhaling too much smoke and have a Yellowfang-related death.


  • Smoke inhalation (as seen in the example) and fighting snakes are both good ways to go out when losing that last life, as they can be seen as heroic gestures.


  • Snake fighting, yet again. Can be preventable. In other cases, it could be the Clan messing with the snake and the leader pays the price.
  • Don't eat suspicious things, kiddos.
    • Seriously, if a sketchy looking cat comes up to you giving you "special prey just for you," just throw it out when they aren't looking, and if they insist on watching you eat, call them a creep or just say you're full.

Old Age/Natural Causes

Ah, yes. The cat has been a leader for so long, their body just decides "It's time," and they leave this world.

Presidentstar is 240 moons (20 years) old. They have lived through so many crazy things. They have seen kits born, become apprenticed, become warriors, give birth to more kits, retire into elders, and die of natural causes, including their mate. They have lived through many deputies. They have seen the chaotic sides of Clan life-- kittypets joining, exiling traitors, a fox raiding the area. They have seen it all. And now, it is time for them to rest. They curl up into their den after looking up at Silverpelt one last time, saying something along the lines of "How is StarClan , Matecat? I have a little surprise for you..." Then, Presidentstar goes into their den, curls up, and falls asleep for the final time.


  • Shows a strong, smart, and healthy leader.
  • The leader presumably knows it's "their time" at any day now, and knows that they can not lead the Clan forever
  • Allows for a... "happy" death, I guess? I mean, they aren't lost to stupid reasons or due to being killed by someone else.
  • Much more lenient than a death due to illness
  • Their relatives in StarClan may be missing them deeply!
  • A good way to die with dignity


  • So depressing, man!
  • Could happen at an unexpected time (e.g Leaderstar says "I will see you tomorrow at Dawn, Johndoe" and goes to bed, only to never wake up)
  • Leader may have wanted to go out a fighter, and is unsatisfied with the death.

My Opinion

Honestly, I really think it depends on the situation. However, I do think old age is a nice way to go, and I don't think it's common for leaders to go out this way, so I think it's a sort of "special" kind of death. You lived a nice long life, slowly stepped up the ladder, earned the title as the leader of the Clan, and after a long while, you are ready to rest your head and join your StarClan ancestors.

Feel free to comment your opinion, and any pros and cons or types of reasonable deaths that I may have missed!