Yep, it's out. Goosefeather's Curse, that awesome e-book. I was so thrilled I accidentally bought it without mom's purrmission. Thank god I wasn't in much trouble. Anyway, before I started, I'm going to say that this will involve spoilers. (Duh!) So if you get mad at me for spoiling the book for you, hell, don't even blame me; you're the one who didn't listen. Just... don't blame me for spoiling.

The storyline

I thought the storyline was rather interesting. We see things from Goosekit/paw/feather's PoV instead of Bluekit/paw/star's PoV. From the latter's point of view, it felt as if we were told to dislike Goosefeather, like how usually in the books, they try to make us interpret ShadowClan as stereotypical bad guys. But in my opinion, this book made me understand why Goosefeather seemed so crazy, and saw Tigerkit/paw/claw/star as an animosity, despite how cute and cuddly he looked. I sort of compare it to Garnet's Future Vision, from Steven Universe. But Goosie here doesn't have a third eye. However, what I want to say that I was not a big fan of was the fact that it felt too short. Am I the only one here who thinks our cursed friend should have had a Super Edition? But then again, the wait would be so much longer.

What I liked

I liked the fact that Goosefeather was only acting the way he was because he could see dead cats and nothing else. Also, at least now we know the reason why in Tallstar's Revenge, Goosefeather had his full name and Moonflower did not. I also loved how we got to see Sunkit, Featherkit, the other kits that appeared in BP, and we found out how ThunderClan got a new medicine cat. What I LOVED was the fact that ThunderClan wasn't showed as the "perfect Clan" with the fact that they went through the starvation period. I also got hit right in the feels around the near-end. I was also pretty spooked too. Poor Goosefeather... You wish for the best in the end but it doesn't happen

What I didn't like

Well, first things first, the continuity. I feel like a bunch of the continuity is ignored. Heavystep dying twice, Hailstar giving a report for RiverClan but being dead instead. Hawkheart being a MCA at six moons, Leopardpaw and Patchpaw being apprentices in every other SE except Bluestar's Prophecy, [[Lizardstripe|The worst mother] having three kits in one book but in another having two, Pinestar becoming a kittypet long before in BP but being shown as the leader later in YS, Tawnypelt's fur design, cats changing genders, parent-changing, age-differences (i.e in TPB, Whitestorm and Crazy she-cat seem old enough to be mates but in BP is revealed to be the latter's nephew) it's as if it's being IGNORED! In this book, Hawkpaw was apprenticed as a medicine cat for six moons, despite becoming a warrior first. Thruspelt was born along with Tawnyspots and Dappletail, so they'd be young, newly made warriors by the time Bluekit was born. Right? WRONG! Tawnyspots was shown as a warrior as well, but he was pretty old. That would make Dappletail (apprenticed at the time) and Thrushpelt both old, but nope. They were all in the same litter. And Pinestar succeeding Oakstar? Nope. The next thing I didn't like was the fact that I felt it was rushed. Don't get me wrong, it was a great book. But still, some parts felt rushed. Also, apprenticing him at four moons just because of his gift/curse? I found that to be kinda unnecessary. Seriously, you still have some moons left in you, Cloudberry! You can wait another two moons. And making him a MC when he should have been apprenticed also irritated me. No, that's not part of the rushing thing. Anyway, next of all, I'd have to say that Goosekit's denmates were assholes. Moonkit at least sympathized, but the rest were some pure assholes throughout the entire book. And don't get me started on Stormpaw/tail.

Final thoughts

Personally, I think Goosefeather should have had his own super edition. I'm sure it'd be worth the wait. That way the story wouldn't feel rushed and we didn't have to just see the young Goosie. Imagine things from his PoV. How he felt. Instead of everyone else saying "Ewww Goosefeather is crazy, I'm not inviting him to my tea party." yes, the cats don't know what tea parties are but it's just something random. The continuity errors annoys me, I hated the littermates, and I enjoyed Mapleshade's little appearance. I can't wait for the next few e-books, and I would definitely recommend this book.