I've always loved Purdy. He's been my favourite elder since he ever joined in Sunrise. If I'm correct, his messy fur and ragged ears can prove that at least some of his stories are true. Purdy looks like he should have been a warrior before an elder at first, but we all know he's pretty old. Remember when he fought the rats in Midnight? It basically proves that he's fought so much for survival. It's really difficult for any cat to not like Purdy, of course unless you're a specific grumpy cat. Despite him being plump, he's really generous with prey, and have you noticed that he's good with the "young'uns," as he calls them? He might have done little for the Clan, but he earns a great position in ThunderClan. However, he doesn't believe in StarClan, and one of the Erin Hunters said that they weren't sure about Purdy going to StarClan, but he still does have a chance. I do hope he makes it to StarClan, with Mousefur and Longtail, his old denmates to guide him. I also wonder... how will Purdy die? A peaceful death in the elder's den, perhaps? Or maybe a fierce battle where he dies the most honourable death ever, saying his final words of wisdom?

Basically, in a nutshell, I'm asking how you users think Purdy should die, if he goes to StarClan or not, and... who will guide him? Also, a bonus little question... how do you think Purdy would do as a leader?