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  • SnowedLightning

    April Fool's Day

    March 19, 2017 by SnowedLightning

    Alright guys, as we all know, people like to change the images/content on the wiki for April Fool's Day. This happens every year, and none of us really have a problem with it. However, I've come to remind you that no offensive content whatsoever will be allowed to be uploaded/posted/added to this wiki.

    Due to the nature of what could and couldn't be considered offensive, for this "holiday", the administrative staff has extended this to ban the usage of images of political, religious, and other leaders that could be considered harmful to ourselves, our readers, and anyone else who happens to come across this website now or in the future. This also includes graphic images or otherwise mention of current events, political events, drug parapherna…

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  • SnowedLightning

    The first blog post I've made in over two years, is one calling out everyone. What in the world has happened to this place, guys? The wiki I joined half a decade ago has fallen nothing short of dead, with only a very tiny handfull of editors trying to maintain a place that was once regarded as one of the best places to get information on Warriors- which is why I joined to begin with, actually. Vicky and Kate both use the wiki- but what's the point if it's all dead?

    Since the closing of PCA, I've (sadly) noticed such a decrease in activity, that I can scroll back for weeks on RecentChanges and see the same couple editors day after day after day. We used to get new users almost daily that wanted to help- then we closed the source of the activity,…

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  • SnowedLightning

    Copyright Webinar

    February 14, 2012 by SnowedLightning

    So, I was browsing the Community Central wiki earlier, and I found something that might be of some use here at WW. There's an upcoming Webinar that talks about copyright, and the Creative Commons license that's well known throughout Wikia.

    Since we seem to have so many issues with copyright violations, I figured that I'd share the announcement with the rest of you. I know Shelly's pretty knowledgeable when it comes to this kind of thing, but, that's only one person. I think it would be an amazing thing if a few of the Wikians from here joined this one.

    I'll be going to this one, so you won't be alone if you choose to join us.

    • Topic: "What is your copyright? A webinar focused on content licensing with Creative Commons"
    • Time: Friday, March 16, 2…

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  • SnowedLightning

    Shame on HarperCollins

    September 25, 2011 by SnowedLightning


    Kitsufox here, urging you to actually read this post fully before commenting on it, and ensuring that you understand a few points before commenting:

    • Vicky, Cherith and Kate are not being replaced. New authors are being added to the pen-name for a new series.
    • No suggestion has been made that Warriors (or Seekers) are being discontinued. In fact, Warriors is slated for a new series when the current one (The Fourth Apprentice) ends.
    • The only thing we know about Survivors is the name and the fact that none of the existing Erins will be writing it.

    Thank you, and I hope that you'll consider these points as you reply and avoid the rumor mongering that has run so rampant in this discussion so far.

    Click for the …

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  • SnowedLightning

    If you get offended by religion easily, I ask that you not view this.

    Has anyone ever thought that StarClan and the Dark Forest are kinda like the Warriors world versions of Heaven and Hell? Yeah, it's a children's book series, but, may there be another message embedded into the series? I'm not trying to offend anyone, don't get me wrong, but, this is meant to be serious. I mean, think about it. They worship StarClan like we worship God. They ask StarClan to guide their paws, just like those of us who believe as God to help us with the tough stuff. The Dark Forest is like their version of Hell. If you do bad (*cough* Tigerstar *cough*), that's where you go. You're punished for your actions and rewarded for your loyality. The leaders and medi…

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