Alright guys, as we all know, people like to change the images/content on the wiki for April Fool's Day. This happens every year, and none of us really have a problem with it. However, I've come to remind you that no offensive content whatsoever will be allowed to be uploaded/posted/added to this wiki.

Due to the nature of what could and couldn't be considered offensive, for this "holiday", the administrative staff has extended this to ban the usage of images of political, religious, and other leaders that could be considered harmful to ourselves, our readers, and anyone else who happens to come across this website now or in the future. This also includes graphic images or otherwise mention of current events, political events, drug paraphernalia, alcoholic content, and things that could be considered disruptive to the normal day-to-day activities of this wiki.

I can't believe I actually have to type this blog post, but y'know. Don't be rude, guys. Upload pictures of cats, mess with the chararts, make Firestar purple-and-pink, shrink Tallstar's StarClan charart, or something funny.

While we are here for everyone, we are also an encyclopedia. We like to have fun as much as the next group of people, but we should still keep it professional. Remember, Kate and Vicky use us as a resource. What would they say if we, even as a joke, started offending people left and right, all because people wanted to have a little fun?

As one final note, the making of dupe accounts for the sake of uploading images is strictly forbidden, as that would be considered abusing another account. You guys should know all of this already; read the rules, be nice, respectful, and courteous of others. When undoing edits, reverting uploads, and things of the like, don't be a snappy grump about it- remember that this is April Fool's day, and everyone likes to have a little fun.