Kitsufox here, urging you to actually read this post fully before commenting on it, and ensuring that you understand a few points before commenting:

  • Vicky, Cherith and Kate are not being replaced. New authors are being added to the pen-name for a new series.
  • No suggestion has been made that Warriors (or Seekers) are being discontinued. In fact, Warriors is slated for a new series when the current one (The Fourth Apprentice) ends.
  • The only thing we know about Survivors is the name and the fact that none of the existing Erins will be writing it.

Thank you, and I hope that you'll consider these points as you reply and avoid the rumor mongering that has run so rampant in this discussion so far.

Click for the Warriors Wish Thread

Yes, this in indeed Warriors-related. Well, more so to the name Erin Hunter then anything else. She-cats and toms, boys and girls... After Warriors is over, guess what?

You all know the four Erins, Vicky, Cherith, Tui and Kate, correct? Well....once Warriors is over.... The pen name Erin Hunter will still be in usage, but NOT by those four women.

HarperCollins is replacing Vicky, Cherith and Kate. Tui's fate is unknown right now, but, it's likely that she won't be writing the next Erin series, called Survivors. Harper is going to use American writers instead.

This makes me sick.

To quote my Facebook: ---Shame on you, HarperCollins. How DARE you replace four of the most wonderful children's writers this day and age has ever seen?

What I said on Warriors Wish: ---This is about the WORST HarperCollins could do. I'm already furious at them as it is, and this makes it worse. Erin Hunter is Vicky, Kate, Cherith and Tui. Not some random American writers they can pick up off the side of the street. What does HarperCollins think their doing?! Stupid idiots! They can't find anyone that can successfully pass as Erin Hunter other then the four ladies who are doing it now. Once Warriors is done, I will NOT be reading anything else by that pen name ever again.

This is (censored) stupid, and just low on Harper's part. Are they trying to manipulate our minds into thinking that a name is just a name? It's not. Erin Hunter, and those four women, is something that some kids are growing up with. They can't just change this. No, no and no again. The kids WILL notice the change in style. They're going to regret brushing off such wonderful and talented writers. Dirtbags.

So, thoughts?

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