The first blog post I've made in over two years, is one calling out everyone. What in the world has happened to this place, guys? The wiki I joined half a decade ago has fallen nothing short of dead, with only a very tiny handfull of editors trying to maintain a place that was once regarded as one of the best places to get information on Warriors- which is why I joined to begin with, actually. Vicky and Kate both use the wiki- but what's the point if it's all dead?

Since the closing of PCA, I've (sadly) noticed such a decrease in activity, that I can scroll back for weeks on RecentChanges and see the same couple editors day after day after day. We used to get new users almost daily that wanted to help- then we closed the source of the activity, the charart project. And you know what?

I regret that choice. I truly do.

For the past few months, I've slowly watched this place continue to die, and it's to the point even the chatroom has become desolate and abandoned most of the time. Remember when we'd have chats for hours and hours before everyone had gone to bed for the night? I do. Now, I'm lucky if I see seven or eight users in there. Most of the staff is inactive too, and I am talking about the admins, chatmods, and rollbacks. I'm not excluding one group over the other, especially when we're all to blame for this.

You can say whatever you want about me; call me greedy, call me rude, call me whatever you please, but I still care about this place, and although most of you don't edit, I still do. There are so many articles that need to be done, Projects that have been abandoned, and tons of discussions that have gone on deaf ears because some of the active editors we once had have fled the place.

We really need to do something about this, guys. I can't stand to see this place-a place I've given half a decade to-fall apart. If it means destaffing the inactive users and promoting some of the more active ones, then maybe that's what we'll have to do. I don't know. If you still want your rights, I would love to see you editing again. I remember a point in time where even a week of not editing would get you questions of if you're still around- now, I see months without editing from pretty much everyone.

While I realize that most of you do have school, would an edit every now and again to prove that you're still alive and that you still care really hurt? I honestly do not think so. There are loads of pages and images that have been uploaded that really shouldn't be here, and users that should be kindly reminded about our policies, or even given a friendly hello. Explain to them the purpose of the wiki and what we do, and invite them to join the chat. I miss a lot of you guys. ;_;

I see some of you on tumblr, Skype, Facebook, or other wikis? So what makes this one so different? If you don't have the books, there are HarperCollins Browse Insides that are available for the first few chapters of each book, and in the case of The Sun Trail (I'm not sure about any of the others), the entire book is there. If you'd like to help with the ebooks, you could even ask me- I'd be willing to share my copies with you, as I have all of them! But, keep in mind, I'm not going to share them willy-nilly- you'll need to prove to me you're going to help the wiki benefit first. =P

You don't need to own every book, like I do, in order to help check for grammar or participate in discussions. Five minutes of your time to say "oh, there's a run-on on so-and-so's page, I should go and fix that" or something along those lines. There used to be loads of discussion when a new book was released in the chat, whether it be about new characters or something else that was revealed in the book, or even just about the book itself. I don't see that anymore, and it upsets me.

Come on, guys. I know we're capable of doing it. I've got faith in you guys, even if some of you might not. And quite frankly, I'm also disappointed in you guys. Where's the wiki we know and love?

Yeah, I know I'm coming off as rude, and I'm sorry for that- but we need to get this place into shape. I'm not letting another wiki that I'm an editor on die due to lack of interest. Bring back PCA- that's fine with me! I actually want it back... it brought life to this place, and this place needs some TLC, badly.

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