1. Graystripe 

Reason: Graystripe showed a lot of kindness and loyalty towards his Clan, despite breaking the warrior code several times with his best friend Fireheart and having a forbidden relationship with Silverstream. I think he should've been able to go back to his deputy position after returning to ThunderClan since the rank was rightfully his and Brambleclaw was mostly a replacement for him (yes, I know StarClan sent a vision showing Brambleclaw was destined to be leader, but it was still a disappointment.) Graystripe is a fan favorite and I know many would've approved if he had become leader. 

2. Brackenfur 

Reason: I have loved Brackenfur ever since he first made an appearance in "Fire and Ice". He has become my most favorite side/background character and I certainly think he deserves more credit for all the patrols he's led and for the amazing father he made to his and Sorreltail's kits. I was silently begging Firestar to go through with making him deputy while he was trying to figure out who to choose for the job. I know he's too old to be leader now, but he would've been amazing at it in his younger days still. 

3. Whitestorm 

Reason: I was honestly surprised Bluestar didn't make Whitestorm deputy after Tigerclaw was exiled. He was her nephew for crying out loud! She only trusted him during her little PTSD issue, and her making Fireheart deputy only because he discovered the truth about Tigerclaw's plans was a little irritating. Graystripe was also aware of those things. (Yes, I understand he had just broken the warrior code but notice how Bluestar never credits him for also making discoveries.) Anyways, I had hope Whitestorm would become leader when Firestar appointed him as deputy but all that melted when he was murdered in the battle with BloodClan. 

4. Ashfoot

Reason: Even though Ashfoot is only known for being the mother of Crowfeather, I think she had amazing leader qualities. She would've been a much better leader than Onestar, that's for sure. We also don't have many female leaders and there only seems to be one at a time when we do have them. (Exception to the Dawn of the Clans arc that had Shadowstar and Windstar as leaders at the same time.) 

5. Deadfoot

Reason: What ever happened to Deadfoot?? He was there for the first arc and then he randomly disappeared in The New Prophecy, being replaced by Mudclaw. He was later confirmed an official StarClan member, but his death is NEVER mentioned in the books. He was such a kind cat and his story somewhat interests me (even though it's not much.) 

6. Shellheart 

Reason: I loved Shellheart! He was an amazing father to Oakheart and Crookedstar and certainly deserved the deputy position while he was in it. I was really sad when the Erin Hunters decided to kill him off. Yes, I realize Crookedstar would've become leader a lot later, but that could've been avoided. Hailstar could've died earlier. Anyways, I just think Shellheart should've been leader. 

7. Redtail 

Reason: I know we didn't see much of Redtail and don't know him too well, but the scenes where he appeared gave me the impression that he was a very loyal warrior and had that leader feel to him. Don't really have much else to say about him. 

8. Lionheart 

Reason: He was an amazing cat, and I think we can all agree on that one. He was so cute as an apprentice and loved his loyalty and respect. I don't have anything else I'd like to say. XD  

9. Russetfur 

Reason: I know a lot of people don't much like Russetfur because of her personality, but I actually love her a lot. She seemed ready to defend her Clan and not show weaknesses. (I feel like she'd be a female Blackstar which is great!) I was very upset when she died because like said in my little Ashfoot rant, I think we should have more female leaders. But I was also upset because she was a great character in my opinion, and would've loved to see her more often. 

10. Gray Wing 

Reason: Saving the best for last! Who couldn't agree that Gray Wing certainly showed leader qualities? I mean, he was temporarily leader when Tall Shadow stepped down from the position and, despite his doubtings, I think he did a great job during that time. Gray Wing is actually my most favorite character in the series so no doubt I'd want him leader. 

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