I know what you're all thinking: But he's with Sandstorm!

But I think that a pairing between them would work because they were closer to each other, being apprentice and mentor. And it's not like a relationship like that wouldn't work out, because I'm almost positive that Stormtail was a warrior when Moonflower was an apprentice. 

And you may counter that because he's still getting over Spottedleaf's death, and he wouldn't be interested in a mate. But he got over it, and got together with Sandstorm. 

And I am fully aware that Cinderpaw was hit by a Twoleg monster, but if she had not, and let's say... Brackenpaw was hit, then Cindepelt would be fine. She'd become a warrior, while Brackenpelt would either heal or become a medicine apprentice. 

What do you think? 

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