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    So I know there was a blog post talking about how doing "what ifs" is not appropriate, but if this gets deleted I don't care. Plus, I think this topic is a way to change the entire story line in an interesting way. Also friendly reminder of SPOILERS!

    I found an old blog post which touched on Hawkfrost, it mentioned the idea of the dark forest actually taking over the lake. Since it was a measly sentence, it wasn't noticed much, but got me thinking. In order to imagine a what if scenario, we need to set a set of circumstances. I think I'll go along with Hawkfrost, Tigerstar, and Brambleclaw original plan. The plan to kill the leaders at a gathering and then claim themselves as leaders. Hawkfrost taking over RiverClan and ShadowClan while Bra…

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    Aren't they all? CONTAINS SPOILERS

    I suck at blogs, I don't know what they should be about, but when I saw people arguing over Hawkfrost, I knew this would make a decent second blog (since my first one, which I give permission to delete, was horrible, it is called Leaders). Hawkfrost is an interesting yet confusing character, he is described as an icy calm tom. (Huh, that rhymed) His father being Tigerstar, he is half-brother to Brambleclaw. He is known to have been an ambitious and tried to do everything to become deputy of RiverClan and have Brambleclaw become leader of ThunderClan that way the clans together could take over the forest. When Brambleclaw is finally made deputy, Tigerstar tells his sons that they are destined to rule the fo…

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    June 15, 2014 by Something is Different

    These are only the leaders mentioned in the books.

    Thunder(star), Owlstar, Pinestar, Sunstar, Bluestar, Firestar

    Wind(star), Heatherstar, Tallstar, Onestar

    River(star), Hailstar, Crookedstar, Leopardstar, Mistystar

    Shadow(star), Brightstar, Flowerstar, Cedarstar, Raggedstar, Brokenstar, Nightpelt, Tigerstar, Blackstar

    Skystar, Cloudstar, Leafstar

    I know that these are only a few of the leaders, but these are the one merely mentioned IN THE BOOKS so please don't get angry that I didn't mention every single one, this is my first blog and I didn't know what it should be about so this is why this isn't exactly perfect. But if you leave a comment telling me what leader I did not put, I will add them to this small list.

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