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I suck at blogs, I don't know what they should be about, but when I saw people arguing over Hawkfrost, I knew this would make a decent second blog (since my first one, which I give permission to delete, was horrible, it is called Leaders). Hawkfrost is an interesting yet confusing character, he is described as an icy calm tom. (Huh, that rhymed) His father being Tigerstar, he is half-brother to Brambleclaw. He is known to have been an ambitious and tried to do everything to become deputy of RiverClan and have Brambleclaw become leader of ThunderClan that way the clans together could take over the forest. When Brambleclaw is finally made deputy, Tigerstar tells his sons that they are destined to rule the forest. He says that Hawkfrost should take over RiverClan and ShadowClan, while his brother will control the other two Clans, and they start making plans about how to do it. Hawkfrost suggests that once they are in charge, they should kill the other two leaders at a Gathering when they are all trapped on the island, and take over their Clans. Hawkfrost also suggests that they should continue the discussion when they are awake, and Brambleclaw agrees to meet him in two days, at sunrise, near the ShadowClan border. Then that whole drama with Firestar with the fox trap and Hawkfrost telling Brambleclaw to kill him, but as we know he turns around and kills Hawkfrost himself.

Controversy 1--Tigerstar and Hawkfrost

Now that I refreshed your mind of what happened when Hawkfrost was alive, we reach the point where Hawkfrost is argued over. Some argue over whether Hawkfrost and Tigerstar were right and that their plan would have actually united the clans into a powerful force, but it is seen as evil since they wanted to kill the leaders of the other clans. And killing clan leaders is never considered good. Plus I don't know how their plan would work, even if they did kill the leaders of ShadowClan and WindClan, how would they be able to explain that to those warriors. "Uh, yeah, we just killed your leaders, now obey!" I'm sure the loyal members would probably freak and go all warrior-mode on them. Even if they did have support, not many cats would stay around in that clan, they would probably rebel and leave, make their own clan. Whatever Tigerstar and Hawkfrost thought they were going to accomplish it doesn't seem like it would work out. You'd have cats rioting left and right, death everywhere. Pure chaos. I don't think it would be too easy to do since most the cats there are not supporters of anything that has to do with Tigerstar. But some people thought that uniting the clans would be a good idea. What do you think about that? Good idea?

Controversy 2--Brambleclaw and DF

This one is more about Brambleclaw rather than Hawkfrost. If you bothered to read the intro than you would know about the Tigerstar-telling-his sons-to-rule-the-forest thing. I know both Hawkfrost and Tigerstar sugar-coated the idea to Brambleclaw, but seriously, how did he not realize this? I know he was in the Dark Forest because he wanted to be a better fighting warrior, but once your dad and half-brother tell you you're going to rule the forest than maybe you should remember that they're evil. Yes, maybe Brambleclaw was purposely listening to their plans just to know what they were plotting, but... I'll leave that for you to argue about in the comments, by the way, if you have an argument for and/or against this, please tell me in the comments and I will add it to the blog. Should Brambleclaw have stayed behind?

Controversy 3--Brambleclaw Killing Hawkfrost

Some people think it was unnecessary to kill Hawkfrost. I'm not going to touch much on this subject, I'll allow you to do so. Should Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost or should he have helped Firestar and went with him to RiverClan and told Leopardstar what Hawkfrost had done and his plans for the forest? I'm sure Leopardstar would probably banish Hawkfrost from the lake, but that would be a wrong move since that way his hunger for revenge would build up even more and then when he died, he would have some sort of tragic backstory. The backstory would sound something like this: "They banished me from my own clan, leaving me to starve and wander around cold looking for a home, I eventually found my own place to live. A large cave in the side of a mountain and then I gathered a band of some rogues, every night I continued to see my father and he told me what to do. I found loners and rogues convincing them to join into a powerful group. We were called, HawkClan. And after all of these rogues were trained in the Dark Forest, I created an army with enough cats to avenge my former clan and once and for all!...." So maybe that wouldn't have been a good idea, more cats would have ended up going to the Dark Forest and in the future they would have a larger army against the clans, more cats would have died, and Hawkfrost would probably be angrier. But should they have revealed what Hawkfrost had done and told RiverClan what he did? That way less cats would have trusted him in the future when he was training them in the Dark Forest. Since they never told the other clans, Hawkfrost was still viewed as a good warrior, it would teach future generations, Hawkfrost=evil, don't trust him EVER! So what do you think, should Hawkfrost have been killed or given a second chance? Or banished? But I think we should throw that last option out since it wouldn't work well.

Controversy 4--Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw

Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw did develop a close bond in the Dark Forest. It is said that they became friends and even after Hawkfrost's death, Brambleclaw still cared for his bro and felt guilty that Hawkfrost became what he was. Hawkfrost too sometimes regretted his actions and wished that he hadn't followed Tigerstar and died the way he did. What do you think?

Controversy 5--Hawkfrost and Ivypool

A while after Hawkfrost's death, he eventually starts training Ivypool in the Dark Forest. The dark cats have successfully managed to convince a group of living cats by using their jealousy of other siblings or the idea of power to convince them. It is said that Hawkfrost developed some feelings for Ivypool and I wouldn't be surprised since he is a tom. First he saw her as a daughter which I can see since he was her mentor and spent his time teaching her new stuff which is what I think fathers do. Some people think Hawkfrost loved Ivypool, the argument is that if Hawkfrost loved her than he would not have tried to kill her when he found out her betrayal. But some people think that when Hawkfrost did try to kill her, he was strangely angry instead of his icy calm, was it because he was personally hurt. He didn't react that way to any of the other traitors. Why only Ivypool? Did he have feelings for her? But why did he try to kill her? Maybe the confusion of it all, he was just going on adrenaline and didn't know how to react, only by the way he was taught, violence. The anger of the betrayal was so strong he kind of lost it. So what do you think?


Hopefully you have created some opinions over this blog. In conclusion, Hawkfrost and Tigerstar were both power hungry cats who wanted to take over the entire forest which is the world to the cats. What villain wouldn't mind ruling the or their world? Even though that may not be their goal, they if they could, they'd be like yeah! Rule the world! I don't know if I should continue making blogs but if you enjoyed this one, I can touch on another character. I don't know which one though. Please leave a cat who you think is controversial and an opinion or something telling me I'm wrong, I'll add your opinion to the blog if I find it worthy. PS: Who thinks that it would make an interesting book if The Dark Forest had actually taken over the clans and the book would be about how life was and the cats trying to fix things. I think it would make a good book and it would bring the clans more united than ever since they would all be living together. --Something is Different (talk) 10:38, June 18, 2014 (UTC)

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