After reading the recent list of cats who went to the Place of No Stars, I wondered what exactly makes a cat "evil" enough to be rejected by StarClan- specifically, I'm curious about two cases. My personal opinion is written below, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me yours!

The cat that confused me the most was Lilywhisker. It's been a while since I've read Tallstar's Revenge, so correct me if I'm wrong, please, but I thought she was a sweet, teasing, friendly elder who passed on wisdom about StarClan to her Clanmates and was always kind to Tallstar. Now, according to Su, she was furious about her accident and couldn't "settle her mind" about her fate, which made StarClan reject her and force her to take up residence in the Dark Forest.

I find these two versions of her rather conflicting. The only sign I can recall that lead to the other was Lilywhisker proudly reminiscing about her days as a warrior, but she didn't act hate-filled or angry when she did so. So why did she go to the Dark Forest? Even if she did feel resentful about not being able to help her Clan, she certainly didn't show it, which I feel should be enough for StarClan not to condemn her to a foul forest where evil spirits must stay forever. Her reasons for this apparent fury were not uncalled-for or in any way "evil." A cat who struggles with settling their mind shouldn't be and haven't been sent to the Dark Forest for this reason- until now.

Next is Brightflower. Perhaps it was decided she would go there because her situation is very vaguely similar to Mapleshade's. However, I find it nearly as groundless as Lilywhisker's. She was a good mother, fair and kind. Yes, she blamed Yellowfang for killing her kits. This was not right of her. But she was an old cat, a mother who had just seen the remains of her murdered children. She didn't run off and murder multiple cats like Mapleshade did. And there was proof, though not definite, that Yellowfang was the culprit. Again, for StarClan to reject her for this feels unfair.

If a cat with clear intentions to murder three young cats with the intent of causing maximum pain to their mother because she rejected his romantic advances(Ashfur) can still go to StarClan, I don't believe that Lilywhisker or Brightflower should have been rejected.

In short, I believe that Lilywhisker and Brightflower, especially the former, were relatively good cats and to say that they went to the Dark Forest is not supported by the books.

What do you think?

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