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  • Sorrelflower

    Hey guys, my first blog since November! Anyway, I'm signed up to Authortracker, where news of the Erin books is given in my email. I just got an email about Bramblestar's Storm, but that's not what I'm here to talk about.

    I'll show you a snippet of my newsletter (the rest was all about BS):


    "Now, you'd think that anticipating the release of one of the most highly demanded books of the millennium :) would be enough for one newsletter, but oh no....THERE IS MORE. Something INCREDIBLE is coming, something that will have an impact on Warriors fans both old and new, something which, when I had a sneaky preview last week, even brought a tear to my stony eyes. I am beyond excited, and beyond grateful to HarperCollins for this absolute treat. I'…
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  • Sorrelflower

    Those who have read The Sun Trial and Thunder Rising will see how Clear Sky acts toward his friends, enemies, and family. You'll see the decisions he made - but is he just over protective, power hungry, or just a complete idiot?

    • He always fussed over Storm.
    • Didn't want strangers on his territory - probably so he could protect his cats.
    • Would always jump to help others (useful ones, anyway).

    • Would go as far as killing an innocent queen to claim a bush as his territory.
    • Would only keep the strong cats in his group, and kick out the weak/injured ones so his group would have no weaknesses.
    • Claimed a hell of a lot of territory he didn't need.
    • Wouldn't let any other cat a paw step into his territory.
    • Would only invite his once-hated son into the group so he…

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  • Sorrelflower

    Alrighty, as you've probably guessed by the title, this blog is about The Sun Trail.

    I've been looking forwrad to this book for ages. I wanted to read it so badly, but wasn't able to read it for a while as I waited for the price to go down (Seriously, £8 for a book on kindle?). I finally got to read it a few weeks ago - I have one word for it. Amazing.

    So much has been revealed. Today, I'm discussing several characters and other matters.

    It's revealed so many surprises, like the founder of what will be SkyClan - Clear Sky - is the father of who will eventually found ThunderClan. And then there's Wind on the moor, and a cat who I believe could be Shadow (Tall Shadow). The founder that's left to be revealed is River, then.

    Now, Clear Sky's personal…

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  • Sorrelflower

    Hey guys, It's Sorrel. I'm writing this blog to discuss the terrible events of poor Briarlight's life.

    Briarkit was such a sweet, playful, bright kit. She loved to play with her littermates, Bumblestripe and Blossomfall (Ha, their names all begin with the same letter). And then comes Drastic Event #1.

    A snake almost kills Briarkit.

    Lucky that Honeyfern was there, or it would have been the end for Briarkit. But should Briarkit have died there and then?

    • She would have avoided more terrible turns in her later life
    • She would have been able to walk.
    • She wouldn't suffer.

    Maybe Brairkit should have been killed then.

    • Berrynose and Honeyfern would still have each other, and may have had kits.
    • But Millie (especially Millie - drama queen), Graystripe, Blossom…

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  • Sorrelflower

    Who thinks there will be another manga series, and if so, who and what will it be about? Maybe...

    • Firestar's kithood?
    • Sol's life after he left the clans for good?
    • About Dovewing and Bumblestripe after The Last Hope?

    Who can think of any others?

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