Hey guys, my first blog since November! Anyway, I'm signed up to Authortracker, where news of the Erin books is given in my email. I just got an email about Bramblestar's Storm, but that's not what I'm here to talk about.

I'll show you a snippet of my newsletter (the rest was all about BS):


"Now, you'd think that anticipating the release of one of the most highly demanded books of the millennium :) would be enough for one newsletter, but oh no....THERE IS MORE. Something INCREDIBLE is coming, something that will have an impact on Warriors fans both old and new, something which, when I had a sneaky preview last week, even brought a tear to my stony eyes. I am beyond excited, and beyond grateful to HarperCollins for this absolute treat. I'm not allowed to tell you what it is (and believe me, this is one spoiler I would happily spill!), but the Official Message Boards will be covering a BIG REVEAL VERY SOON. If I were you, I'd log on and stare at your screen without blinking from now until that happens.* It will be worth it!
  • Not really. I mean, everyone needs to eat, and sleep, and interact with their family once in a while. The Big Reveal will still appear, I promise.

Wait a minute. I have heard a distant rumble, and it is the noise of the internet exploding with speculation. I should probably say that the Big Reveal does NOT concern a Warriors movie. There is still NO WARRIORS MOVIE NEWS. Whatever is about to be revealed is brilliant and fabulous and utterly thrilling, but IT IS NOT THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF A MOVIE. Do you think I've made that clear enough? :)"

O.o. What exactly could this 'big event' be? Keep all eyes on the Offical forums for this 'Big Announcement!'

Personally, I think a movie is actually a possibility. Like Snowman said in a comment, she's being awfully suggestive... I hope it's not a video game, as I'm not really into them much, but then this would still be a big deal.

Love, Sorrel It's everything I dreamed 18:57, August 15, 2014 (UTC)

Updates - the revelation


All of the Warriors series are being released in paperback with FIERCE NEW COVERS! And I mean fierce. And also stunning, and beautiful, and breathtaking, and OMG WHICH CAT IS THAT?! (Yes, I know how much that matters to you :) )
The new artwork is fabulous and brings a whole extra layer of impact to the stories inside; all of the Erins are ridiculously excited and can't wait to hear what you think. We wanted you, our incredible fans, to see them first, because you are, and have always been, the most important people in the cauldron of Warriors magnificence.
Series One and Two will come out in March 2015 with their sparkly new outfits, and the rest of the series will follow in hot pursuit. We're thrilled to relaunch the Warrior saga with an incredible new look to catch the eye of the next generation of readers, and to give our current fans a chance to see the stories in a different light.

I must admit, it's not what I was expecting at all. I thought it would be something bigger then new covers... your opinions?

Series one covers are being revealed at 8pmEST/5:00pm PST, apparently!

Sorrel It's everything I dreamed 16:05, September 5, 2014 (UTC)

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