Those who have read The Sun Trial and Thunder Rising will see how Clear Sky acts toward his friends, enemies, and family. You'll see the decisions he made - but is he just over protective, power hungry, or just a complete idiot?

The EvidenceEdit

Over ProtectiveEdit


  • He always fussed over Storm.
  • Didn't want strangers on his territory - probably so he could protect his cats.
  • Would always jump to help others (useful ones, anyway).

Power HungryEdit


  • Would go as far as killing an innocent queen to claim a bush as his territory.
  • Would only keep the strong cats in his group, and kick out the weak/injured ones so his group would have no weaknesses.
  • Claimed a hell of a lot of territory he didn't need.
  • Wouldn't let any other cat a paw step into his territory.
  • Would only invite his once-hated son into the group so he could have stronger members.

Complete IdiotEdit


  • Didn't give a damn about his brothers, son or mate when she left.
  • Was highly bias on everything.
  • Killed a queen to get a single bush as his territory.
  • Nit-picked over his son's tiny flaws.
  • Didn't care about his brothers.
  • Kicked out two cats who may be useful, with the right treatment.

So what do you think? Is Clear Sky over-protective, power hungry or just a complete idiot?

Sorrel It's everything I dreamed 00:53, November 9, 2013 (UTC)