Hey guys, It's Sorrel. I'm writing this blog to discuss the terrible events of poor Briarlight's life.

Terrible Turn of Events: Number OneEdit

Briarkit was such a sweet, playful, bright kit. She loved to play with her littermates, Bumblestripe and Blossomfall (Ha, their names all begin with the same letter). And then comes Drastic Event #1.

A snake almost kills Briarkit.

Lucky that Honeyfern was there, or it would have been the end for Briarkit. But should Briarkit have died there and then?

  • She would have avoided more terrible turns in her later life
  • She would have been able to walk.
  • She wouldn't suffer.

Maybe Brairkit should have been killed then.

  • Berrynose and Honeyfern would still have each other, and may have had kits.
  • But Millie (especially Millie - drama queen), Graystripe, Blossomfall and Bumblestripe would have been distraught...

Maybe not.

Terrible Turn of Events: Number TwoEdit

Briarpaw had such a good potential as a warrior. Hunting well, fighting well. But then her life is changed forever.

Her spine is broken because of that tree and Mousefur wanting to retrive a half-eaten mouse.

Poor Longtail and Briarpaw. At least Longtail got his sight back in StarClan...

  • But Briarpaw has to suffer with never walking again, and an over-concerned cat for a mother (Millie - you need to chillax!).

And now the sickness and dogs.

Terrible Turn of Events: Number ThreeEdit

At least Briarlight became a warrior.

It's such a shame. Firstly, she faces never walking again, and the constant illness.

  • Whitecough, Greencough. Not so good.

And her life is shortened with the bottom half had her body useless and dead.

And then there's the feeling of uselessness.

  • Not a good idea to go into the forest when you can't walk...

She was almost killed by dogs because she didn't have anything to help the clan.

The FutureEdit

On Balance, there is the terrible future Briarlight faces.

  • She'll never exerience the joy of having kits.
  • She'll have a shorter life.
  • She'll still have Millie the parrot.
  • No tomcat will probably fall in love with her.
  • Without being able to get rid of her waste, it'll probably got into her blood...
  • She'll never walk again.

Poor Briar. Hopefully StarClan will have the power to heal her... but I think it's unlikely.