Alrighty, as you've probably guessed by the title, this blog is about The Sun Trail.

I've been looking forwrad to this book for ages. I wanted to read it so badly, but wasn't able to read it for a while as I waited for the price to go down (Seriously, £8 for a book on kindle?). I finally got to read it a few weeks ago - I have one word for it. Amazing.

So much has been revealed. Today, I'm discussing several characters and other matters.

The FoundersEdit

It's revealed so many surprises, like the founder of what will be SkyClan - Clear Sky - is the father of who will eventually found ThunderClan. And then there's Wind on the moor, and a cat who I believe could be Shadow (Tall Shadow). The founder that's left to be revealed is River, then.

Sky's personality - are you suprised, or is he how you expected to be?Edit

Now, Clear Sky's personality. I always thought the founder of SkyClan would be kind, would help a cat in need, bit like Leafstar of modern SkyClan. But no. He kicked out Jagged Peak (his own younger brother!) because his leg wasn't getting better, and he put his 'community' of cats first over Storm and his soon to be born kits. And when little Thunder was offered to him, he didn't want him, becuase of his 'community'. That is selfish. I am glad that Gray Wing adopted Thunder - at least he would put a good example, unlike Clear Sky.

Love truly is Blind, for Storm and Clear Sky...Edit

I really thought Storm loved Gray Wing, not Clear Sky. Love at first sight, Storm? I tell you, love really is blind in this book. Gray Wing is so much nicer then Clear Sky - at least he wouldn't treat her like a kit. Gray Wing would put his kin and loved ones first over everything, not borders or communties of cats he hasn't known for that long compared to other cats. It's still a shame that she died, protecting her kits.

Thunder RisingEdit

I can tell that this will be awesome. I hope it'll be from Thunder's point of view. I wonder if Thunder will get a love interest? That would be sweet... maybe he'll fall for one of Hawk Swoop's kits, once they grow up?

I wonder if the clans will be founded in Thunder Rising. And if Tall Shadow truly is Shadow, what will happen on the moor if Wind will be the leader? Will there be a fight between them, and Tall Shadow will go to the marshlands?

Well, what do you all think about all this? Do you agree on some of this?