I feel the need to say this, but I feel as if the darkforest cats are just misunderstood and misguided ( not talking about Ashfur (TC) or Mudclaw (WC) who are in Starclan ). Like for example, Brokenstar had a mean and rude foster mother who disowned him, with the addition of his father's training, made him who he is ( according to wiki and tell me if I am wrong ). Tigerstar lost his father to kittypet life at a young age, soon after that he lost his siblings Nightkit and Mistlekit, and then had Thisleclaw's training, And Thistleclaw was cruel at the time. Mapleshade was the most misunderstood. Oakstar( who I hate ) exiled Mapleshade just because Appledusk killed his son and his son's apprentice. I mean, Graystripe didn't get exiled from Thunderclan because his mate, Silverstream was in Riverclan. So I understand why Mapleshade wants revenge. This is also way I favor the dark forest over Starclan. Since to me Starclan cats are a bunch of lazy lumps.

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