Ok guys, I'll get this out of the way before I start because I feel like someone will be hating on me: I have an opinion that I want to share. And I totally understand if you don't agree with my opinion. It's your life, you do you. But I need to vent a little because I have been having a pretty rough day, and this is what I'm going to rant about. Please don't take this personally, I'm not saying I want to character to be killed off or anything like that. I'm just ranting.

Ok *takes a deep breath and exhales*

I really, really don't like Dovewing. I'm not saying I hate her, I'm saying if she ever got hit my a monster, I would be driving the monster she hit. And there are multiple reasons why I would say such things, and here are why:

1. She is the biggest Mary Sue there is in the book. She had two toms fall for her, a hearing and vision power, was part of a very serious prophecy and had her life easy without any need to complain. I mean come on! She got to be the hero in "The Fourth Apprentice" and so on. She got to do all that while her sister was treated like dirt.

2. She is too fussy. She was complaining about how Ivypool was getting all the attention when she found out her sister was training in the darkforest like "but I'm the one with the powers and hearing! I was the one who saved the clans from the drought!" Like come on! Give your sister a chance in the spotlight! It wouldn't hurt you if he does, or maybe your just a little Mary Sue

3. She took Hollyleaf's place in the power of three. That really got me there. Hollyleaf I think was completely eligible to be apart of the power of three, she could have had a different power then what Dovewing got. But no, little miss "I need the spotlight" takes Hollyleaf's place, which I think got a lot of people mad as heck.

4. She was being kinda a douche to Ivypool. She was just acting to Ivypool like "here, you can have a little fame. But I'll keep most of it. See ya sweet sister!" or something ridiculous like that. When Ivypool finally got a chance to be a huge part of the great battle (or AKA the dark forest battle) Dovewing couldn't help but think her sister was all of a sudden more important then her. Sweet Starclan I wish that plot were true! Her sister is more important then her, but not in OOTS sadly.

5. She fell in love with Tigerstripe and then rejected him, which sounds pretty reasonable for once. But then soon after she dumps Bumblestripe like a rubbish truck (if your going to ask, I have an American accent with British vocabulary). What does she have against loving cats whose suffix is "stripe"? Bumblestripe was a perfectly good cat that cared about her a lot and didn't leave her behind when she needed him, and then she kinda went up and dumped him

Well that's all for now! remember that this was just for fun and that this is my opinion, so please respect that. I'll be on much more then usual, but for now I bid you fair well! If you hate a cat, leave it in the comments and I may do a rant on them

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