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    Good or Evil?

    July 5, 2012 by Speckledmask4

    This Will Contain Spoilers!!!

    Ok... some people basically keep saying "Brokenstar is purely bad". That really annoys me. I hate it when people refuse to take in the fact that a giant villain has feelings and/or a back story because they killed almost everyone's favorite cat (Spottedleaf). It's not just on mine, either! Everyone's all like, "that cat is evil!" or "That cat is good!" you need to be open! You need to notice the depth in all characters stories. So here are some "purely good" and "utterly evil” cats and why they are not all they seem. I might have to make a part 2 because I don't want this to go on forever. Please tell me if I'm breaking any rules by posting something like this. I know I nagged about Brokenstar on his own blog s…

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  • Speckledmask4


    July 5, 2012 by Speckledmask4

    Hey... um... I've been thinking... well... some people think that Briarlight should be healed. I have mixed emotions.

    'Reasons I think she shouldn't be healed:'

    • Sterclan has never healed a mortal cat other than a leader, why should they now?
    • They most likely won't have the power to heal her hind legs and posably inavoidable illnesses
    • They didn't spare Wildfur.

    Reasons she should be healed:

    • She tried to save a cats life but had to give up her hind legs and posably her life
    • We really don't know if Wildfur was any better of a cat than Briarlight
    • Honeyfern gave her life for Briarlight

    The last reason isn't so good, because tons of cats have given ther lfe for cats that died painfully later, but I still like it.

    Another thing everyone is talikng about is…

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  • Speckledmask4

    Hey! So.. I came acrosst the article about Brokenstar and... *sigh* Lizardstripe.

    Oh, Lizardstripe, you jerk, you.

    When I read the scene where Rock was talking about how she was most lkely the one who made an influence on him... I coulden't help thinking how in the world did he end up in the Dark Forest if it was her fault? Come to think of it... Ashfur was influenced when he was dumped and maybe even has worse reason to try and kill...

    Yes, people, he has no real good reason to kill. I did feel terrible for him when Squirrleflight dumped him, but should have moved on. But, No. because Squirrleflight was honest and told you how she realy felt, you need to force her to watch her loved ones burn. When that dosen't work... you attempt to reveal to th…

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    June 29, 2012 by Speckledmask4

    I've seen a few blog posts about Mapleshad and how she didin't deserve the dark forest.

    Ummm... What?

    She didn't deserve the Dark Forest? She literaly said she erned her place there and that she also got revenge. So why do you people thing she's so good?

    Well... I know she lost her kits. I know her mate blaimed her and dumped her. I know bolth clans turned her down. But lets compare this situation to Crookedstar.

    Crookedstar was nice. He was a fairly good leader. When he was a kit, he was re-named something that seams almost like being named a swearword to me. And he was ditched by his parents. Yes, he did find a mate later, but keep in mind, she died and he lost two kits as well. But look at him now! Happy in Starclan. Why? Because he didn't …

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    June 22, 2012 by Speckledmask4

    Ok! My first real blog post. I decided I'd do a post about the cat we all know and love- no not Scourge or Ashfur or Cinderpelt. I was being sarcastic. It's about, you guessed it, Daisy.

    Poor Daisy has been facing the brunt of most warrior fan's aggression. Why? She's not really mean like Tigerstar or Scourge. The problem Is she's just plain lazy.

    I've noticed that Warrior fans appretiation of a charecter isn't really measured in how nice the charecter is, It's how mutch sence they make or how inportaint they are to the story line. I feel like this might be a bit or a problem as most of the time there are very heroric and sad stories involving charecters who are only part of a side plot. Like (not saying anyone dislikes them) Sasha or Red.

    But …

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