Hey! So.. I came acrosst the article about Brokenstar and... *sigh* Lizardstripe.

Oh, Lizardstripe, you jerk, you.

When I read the scene where Rock was talking about how she was most lkely the one who made an influence on him... I coulden't help thinking how in the world did he end up in the Dark Forest if it was her fault? Come to think of it... Ashfur was influenced when he was dumped and maybe even has worse reason to try and kill...

Yes, people, he has no real good reason to kill. I did feel terrible for him when Squirrleflight dumped him, but should have moved on. But, No. because Squirrleflight was honest and told you how she realy felt, you need to force her to watch her loved ones burn. When that dosen't work... you attempt to reveal to the clans a groundbreaing seacret that later almost caused her sister to commit suiside and become a warrior when that would never work, caused her three adopter children to hate her, and cause her mate to leave her (which is smart if you think about it when you want revenge. But you woulden't get her back, that's for sure. Mostly because he didn't even live to see most of this). And... guess what? Later, one of the greatest Medicin cats in the series convinces everyone else that he diserved Starclan because he did everything because "his only fault was to love to mutch". While I do feel he belongs in Starclan, he did so mutch more than love to mutch.

Moving on.

Brokenstar. Like all evil people/ cats, he was once an inoccent lifeform (dispite killing his sister, but he was, like a day old). A kit that happened to be the son of a Medicin Cat. A Medicin Cat that was forced to give up her kit to posably the worst (even worse than Daisy) queen in the clan. I now know that Yellowfang's judgement isn't the best after seening how she handled both these cats. But this isn't about her. This is about what a freaking jerk Lizardstripe is! She refused to give Brokenkit milk. She insulted him and, at one point, her own kits. At least Ranflower seamed to be guilty, cleaned up her act and posably apologised later on. Lizardstripe is just a... grrr... Now now... don't get to worked up or you'll start to swear...

Well... Brokenkit grew up to be a jerk. He killed kits. He was mean. I understand Starclan wanting him to go to the Dark Forest but if you think about it, they might have wanted to persway him to change his nature and tell him about Lizardstripe then... Well... he did lead the Dark Forest and all but imagine all the deaths that could have been prevented if Starclan took everything in there own paws and actually tried to help them sort out there crazy after-life. I don't know. In my opinion, he is as deserving of Starclan as Ashfur. You could compare him to Crookedstar but Lizardstripe also starved Brokenkit and whent farther than just ignoring him. This went on farther back than he could remember unlike Crookedkit.

Don't be all like "oh, he killed kits! And good warriors!" because I know he did. But if you really looked into the depth of these charecters and what I am saying, you'd understand why he did.

Your opinions are greatly appreciated. But not untill you've actually read this article and read about what Lizardstripe was actualy like to him.

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