Hey... um... I've been thinking... well... some people think that Briarlight should be healed. I have mixed emotions.

'Reasons I think she shouldn't be healed:'

  • Sterclan has never healed a mortal cat other than a leader, why should they now?
  • They most likely won't have the power to heal her hind legs and posably inavoidable illnesses
  • They didn't spare Wildfur.

Reasons she should be healed:

  • She tried to save a cats life but had to give up her hind legs and posably her life
  • We really don't know if Wildfur was any better of a cat than Briarlight
  • Honeyfern gave her life for Briarlight

The last reason isn't so good, because tons of cats have given ther lfe for cats that died painfully later, but I still like it.

Another thing everyone is talikng about is killing her... What? Kill her? ok... Let's just move on...

Reasons she shoulden't be killed:

  • She never said she wanted to die! You cant make someone kill themself if they don't want to.
  • Millie would be heartbroken! I always hated her because of with Blossomefall but she'd just be worse if Briarlight died
  • Mst of us know about a close friend of the Erins being paralized. Most people think she should die in her sleep. This wouldent bother me but the paralized friend is a reason she should live.
  • She can still be a little usefull despite loosing feeling in her legs sutch as with colecting herbs now and then or watching over kits a little (but Thunderclan doesn't need another full time queen)

Reasons she should be killed:

  • She would be a drain on reasources (but killing her or exling her for just that reason would be just mean)
  • She would have more dignety (aparently, she might make accidents all over camp)
  • She'd have her legs back in Starclan
  • dieing sooner would prevent pain

Well, no one said she could just stick it out untill she felt extreme pain. I think most fans agree. Briarlight is a fighter, she might even try to push through the pain and fight untill the end

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