Ok! My first real blog post. I decided I'd do a post about the cat we all know and love- no not Scourge or Ashfur or Cinderpelt. I was being sarcastic. It's about, you guessed it, Daisy.

Poor Daisy has been facing the brunt of most warrior fan's aggression. Why? She's not really mean like Tigerstar or Scourge. The problem Is she's just plain lazy.

I've noticed that Warrior fans appretiation of a charecter isn't really measured in how nice the charecter is, It's how mutch sence they make or how inportaint they are to the story line. I feel like this might be a bit or a problem as most of the time there are very heroric and sad stories involving charecters who are only part of a side plot. Like (not saying anyone dislikes them) Sasha or Red.

But this is about Daisy. And, I wont lie, Daisy has problems. She uses a position importaint to the clan to her advantage. She can sit around and be lazy and have an excuse. I don't think this is her intention because if it was, this woulde be brought up by one of the clan members. This was brought up with Clovertail and she's even more of a problem than Daisy because she is intentionaly skipping out on her work because she is lazy! Yet, everyone's all worked up about Daisy instead. But Daisy never hunts either and, unlike Ferncloud, has no professional training so she cant protect the kits as well as the real mother who should be taking care of the kits in the first place! or the warriors who are alowed to look after and play with the kits!

But people also talk about exiling her, which I feel is wrong.

Sure it would be better for the clan, but have they actually mentioned that she was a huge drain on reasources like they did with Clovertail? (I don't actually know). And she'd have almost nowhere to go where she wouldent either have a hard time finding food or feel lonely.

This is just my opinion so don't get all snappy with me. I'd apreciate to hear your opinions to an be prepared for me to respond to your coments.

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