This Will Contain Spoilers!!!

Ok... some people basically keep saying "Brokenstar is purely bad". That really annoys me. I hate it when people refuse to take in the fact that a giant villain has feelings and/or a back story because they killed almost everyone's favorite cat (Spottedleaf). It's not just on mine, either! Everyone's all like, "that cat is evil!" or "That cat is good!" you need to be open! You need to notice the depth in all characters stories. So here are some "purely good" and "utterly evil” cats and why they are not all they seem. I might have to make a part 2 because I don't want this to go on forever. Please tell me if I'm breaking any rules by posting something like this. I know I nagged about Brokenstar on his own blog so I’m not going to bug you about him anymore.To those of you who understood what I was talking about, thak you. I don't think he is a good cat but he is as deserving of Starclan as Ashfur is.

  • Ashfur: This guy is easy to write about. I love this guy but I know he did a lot of nasty things. He tried to kill cats and turn everyone against each other. He tried to kill Hollyleaf, Lionblaze... etc. (he tried to kill a lot). Why? ‘Caus his girlfriend dumped him! This happens alot and not just in Warriors. But Ashfur was a fine warrior and had potential. I almost want to say that he might have ended up being deputy if he had not gone insane. Well... now we talk about someone that I am so annoyed by!
  • Breezepelt: Not gonna lie, I hate Breezepelt. He tried to kill a pregnant queen and Jayfeather. He nags, and nags, and fights, and wines. But I feel bad for him. Why? because his father, Crowfeather, seems to appreciate the family opposite to the one he is supposed to be committed to. Imagine only being alive for the purpose of just showing that someone's not gonna run around with she-cats from other clans again. So, I don't blame him for wanting to join the Dark Forest but he does need an attitude adjustment
  • Nightcloud: While we are on the topic of what a traitor Crowfeather is, lets talk about Nightcloud. Well... she's a brat. I'm actually surprised she stayed with Crowfeather after she found out about Leafpool (I mean, Brambleclaw dumped Squirrelflight after he heard about their kits, and Squirrelflight actually apologised). But that also makes me feel worse for her because I know that she loves him too much to leave. And Crowfeather seems to care more about his ex-mates.
  • Crowfeather: Well... I said most of what I thought of him on the last two cats. In the end of "The Last Hope" he's like "sorry", we all forgave him (including me, but I wish he'd apologise to his kit and mate) and presumably went looking for his family who most likely ran away. Here's what I think happened next. He went home, continued to be mates with Nightcloud, ignored Breezepelt, kept daydreaming about Feathertail and dumped both Leafpool and Nightcloud (the she-cats who he made pregnant) when he died so he could be with Feathertail. But he was a good cat other than that. I do think he deserves Starclan but (like Breezepelt) needs an attitude adjustment
  • Firestar: Most people that dislike Firestar say that he’s too perfect or too sensitive. I can’t argue with that. I don’t dislike him but it seems he’s more loyal to other clans than his own. It’s a good sign when a leader respects all clans and cats and only fights when only necessary. It’s a bad sign when a leader would practically sacrifice himself or his own cats for a clan even when that other clan didn’t want him to. He was a bad choice for deputy from the start. I don’t care if Bluestar trusted him most. I don’t care if he proved himself loyal after being a kittypet. He was in love with Spottedleaf. He broke the warrior code several times (I don’t care if it was out of kindness a few of the times). I think Dustpelt may have been a better choice. Maybe Sandstorm. I dunno. He was just a bad choice.
  • Brightheart and Swiftpaw: Brightheart is my favorite character. She made her way through very hard times and was always kind to almost everyone. Still, people insulted her but she kept a calm head and a kind heart. So, why is she on her? Remember how she got those scars? on her face? Remember that she and Swiftpaw only did it to get their warrior names? I don’t think she really did it for the clan, just so they could get their warrior names. It’s like their number one priority! Did they even think about how it would save the clan? Brightpaw, in the end... did get her warrior name... Lostface. Even though she’s probably learned her lesson now she is still suffering for it.
  • (sorry the text is suddenly so small. It's not intentioinal) Hollyleaf: She just gets to much credit. She's as loyal as her mother and adopted mother. she ran away from the clan'! She's a good cat, but isn't more loyal then her parents. Remember, these were hard times, when she left. If a good warrior and one of the possable three leaves, things will get pretty nasty.

So, I hope you enjoyed my opinions. I think a part two might come out soon I’m just afraid that there is some sort of limit.

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