I've seen a few blog posts about Mapleshad and how she didin't deserve the dark forest.

Ummm... What?

She didn't deserve the Dark Forest? She literaly said she erned her place there and that she also got revenge. So why do you people thing she's so good?

Well... I know she lost her kits. I know her mate blaimed her and dumped her. I know bolth clans turned her down. But lets compare this situation to Crookedstar.

Crookedstar was nice. He was a fairly good leader. When he was a kit, he was re-named something that seams almost like being named a swearword to me. And he was ditched by his parents. Yes, he did find a mate later, but keep in mind, she died and he lost two kits as well. But look at him now! Happy in Starclan. Why? Because he didn't (willingly) plot revenge.

But there's also something that bugged me and thats how Ashfur got into Starclan. Yellowfang just said his only crime was to love too mutch. Yeah... that's perfict grounds for trying to kill four cats, one of whitch is your apprentice and another is your ex-lover.

So... Mapleshade should go to Starclan, right? I mean... she loved her mate and was jelouse... just like Ashfur!


This turned more into an anti-Ashfur blog... but no.

I feel bad for all three of these cats but Mappleshade? You have some issues you need to work out.

I might do a Ashfur thing later... maybe if I feel llike it...

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