• Spiritdust

    So, if you read the book "The Forgotten Warrior" The Hollyleaf returns. Wow! Really, i was suprised to read that she would come back. Some of you thought she was dead, some probably not. What do you think? It's like she came back from the dead. But no, the whole time she was alive with Fallen Leaves to help her. How cool is that? A ghost cat helping you, okay that is just awesome, for Holleyleaf. She was probably freaked out the first time she saw Fallen Leaves. Isn't weird that he can't just go out of the cave. Yes, I see that he is trapped, but if he's a spirit, why won't he just float out?/ I mean think about it. Okay, I guess this article kind of stunk, sorry I don't have any good ideas, but anyway tell me what you think.

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