• Spottedbelly

    Warrior Names

    June 5, 2014 by Spottedbelly
    • The Rules of The Name*
    1) Look at the color of the pelt. Is it a jet black cat? Give the beginning of the name a name that fits, like Black-, Night-, Dark-, Crow-, Raven for example. Is it a white cat? Snow-, White-, Cloud-, Ice-, Feather-,and so on. What if the cat is a tortoiseshell? That type of coloring can be hard to find a name for. Some examples would be Maple-, Patch-, etc.

    2) Look at the special features of the cat. For instance, there was Longtail, he was named for his long tail. So if a cat has something special about them, a suitable name could be describing that special trait or appearance. Say a cat has powerful back legs that launch it far when it jumps. A suitable name could be Rabbitleap, or Frogfoot.
    3) What does theā€¦
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