• The Rules of The Name*
  1) Look at the color of the pelt. Is it a jet black cat? Give the beginning of the name a name that fits, like Black-, Night-, Dark-, Crow-, Raven for example. Is it a white cat? Snow-, White-, Cloud-, Ice-, Feather-,and so on. What if the cat is a tortoiseshell? That type of coloring can be hard to find a name for. Some examples would be Maple-, Patch-, etc. 

This cat could be named Whitepelt

2) Look at the special features of the cat. For instance, there was Longtail, he was named for his long tail. So if a cat has something special about them, a suitable name could be describing that special trait or appearance. Say a cat has powerful back legs that launch it far when it jumps. A suitable name could be Rabbitleap, or Frogfoot.
  3) What does the cat act like? Is it a very cold and reserved cat? It's name could be Stoneheart. Is it a cat that is very sweet and calm? It's name could be something like Gentlebrook, or Sweetrose. 
  4) Choosing the suffix of the name can be difficult. But make sure it has a good ring to it. Don't do a name that sounds funny on your tongue, like Prickleeyes. Choose a suffix that makes sense. Also, it has to resemble something about the cat.
  5) Make sure it goes along with the clan. Don't make a WindClan cat's name be Shadowheart. It doesn't make sense. 


Now you know the basic rules, let's make some names!

Description of Cat: Black she-cat with green eyes.

A she-cat with green eyes

Possible prefixes Black, Night, Raven, Crow, Dark, Shadow, Emerald, Green, Leaf, Fern, Parsely.

I chose these prefixes because the first six described something dark. The last five described the eyes, which were a green color.

Possible suffixes Leaf, Shade, Fur, Pelt, Eyes.

I chose these suffixes because the first two described one of the two major traits of this cat. Leaf, as in being the eyes. Shade, as for the fur. The fur and pelt described the cats black fur, eyes were for her green eyes.

Let's see all the possible combinations of this cat.

Blackleaf, Blackshade, Blackfur, Blackpelt, Blackeyes

Eliminate all the ones that just don't make sense. Blackleaf.. I'm not sure about. So we will keep Blackleaf. Blackshade doesn't roll off the toungue easy. Blackfur and Blackpelt make sense, but Black eyes don't describe the cat at all.

Nightleaf, Nightshade, Nightfur, Nightpelt, Nighteyes.

Names I eliminated: Nightleaf, Nightpelt, and Night eyes.

Ravenleaf, Ravenshade, Ravenfur, Ravenpelt, Raveneyes.

Names I eliminated: Ravenfur, Ravenleaf, Raveneyes, Ravenshade.

Crowleaf, Crowshade, Crowfur, Crowpelt, Croweyes.

Names I eliminated: All but Crowpelt.

Darkleaf, Darkshade, Darkfur, Darkpelt, Darkeyes.

Names I eliminated: All but Darkfur and Darkpelt.

Shadowleaf, Shadowshade, Shadowfur, Shadowpelt, Shadoweyes.

Names I eliminated: Shadowshade, and Shadoweyes.

Emeraldleaf, Emeraldshade, Emeraldfur, Emeraldpelt, Emeraldeyes

Names I eliminated: All but Emeraldleaf and Emeraldeyes.

I'm going to start listing the names I kept.

Greenleaf, Greenshade, Greenfur, Greenpelt, Greeneyes.

Names I kept: Greeneyes.

Leafleaf, Leafshade, Leaffur, Leafpelt, Leafeyes.

Names I kept: Leafshade. Leafleaf made absolutely no sense.

Fernleaf, Fernshade, Fernfur, Fernpelt, Ferneyes.

Names I kept: Fernshade.

Parselyleaf, Parseleyshade, Parseleyfur, Parseleypelt, Parselyeyes

Names I kept: None.

                    All the names kept

Fernshade, Leafshade, Greeneyes, Emeraldleaf, Emeraldeyes, Shadowleaf, Shadowfur, Shadowpelt, Darkfur, Darkpelt, Crowpelt, Ravenpelt, Nightfur, Blackleaf, Blackfur, and Blackpelt.

That's a lot of names.

To narrow it down even further, I'm going to only pick one of each prefix. Green, Leaf, Fern, Crow, Night, and Raven already only have one I didn't eliminate so only Emerald, Shadow, Dark, and Black we'll be looking at.

The one I chose for Emerald: Emeraldeyes because it describes the she-cat well.

The one I chose for Shadow: Shadowleaf because it has a nice ring to it and it describes the color of the cats eyes and pelt.

The one I chose for Dark: Darkfur

The one I chose for Black: Blackpelt.

Blackpelt Darkfur Shadowleaf Emeraldeyes Fernshade Leafshade Greeneyes Crowpelt Ravenpelt Nightfur

These are the names it's come down to, so now... Let's narrow it down even FURTHER.

This she-cat is in ShadowClan. ShadowClan is known for being fierce and cold-hearted, so her name should have the ShadowClan ring to it.

The names that don't make sense to be in ShadowClan would probably be Fernshade and Leafshade. They sound like the name of a queen or medicine cat. This She-cat is a warrior to the bone, and she is very VERY fierce. She should have a fierce name.

Emeraldeyes and Greeneyes describe her, but not all of her.

This cat is a she-cat, so her name should sound like a she-cat name. Ravenpelt, Crowpelt, and Blackpelt sound more like a Tom name.

It comes down to Shadowleaf, Darkfur, and Nightfur.

Her fur is completely black, not a speck of white. Nightfur describes that the best, not Darkfur.

Shadowleaf describes both her fur, and the eyes and a name should describe a cat the best it can.

Shadowleaf it is.

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