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  • Spottedstar42

    Dark Forest Battle

    November 1, 2011 by Spottedstar42

    Ok, I'm confused about this Dark Forest tactic. By what Ivypool's seen, I guess the dark forest has not told many of the 'apprentices' about what they are really doing. But I'm sure a good 3/4s of their trainess are too good hearted to know the truth. here's what i'm confused about:

    • they can't battle StarClan and the Warrior Code without somehow finding out what was going on, and to realize they were on the wrong side of this battle.
    • If they tell them at somepoint before the epic battle, they will undoubtly leave. If they try to leave, they will most likely be killed, ethier way, the Dark Forest has just lost 3/4s of their 'army'.

    any ideas on the subject?Spottedstar42The WWiki vandals Must fall!!! 01:49, November 1, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Spottedstar42

    Stop the Vandals!

    June 13, 2011 by Spottedstar42

    This Wiki is atarting to seem a lot like the time in Outcast, when the prey-stealers were ruining the tribe. these vandals are ruining this wiki! If you think of this wiki as a tribe there aren't enough cave guards (staff) to punish these vandals. I know Moonflight is working on hiring new admins, but even if we ban all the users, they will never stop. they will always come back, until they destroy everything on this wiki!

    unlike in the tribe, we can't just send a battle patrol down to thier camp, and we definetly don't have Lionblaze (:P). We also don't have Clan cats to teach us to fight better, because if any wiki knows how to handle vandals, it's WWiki. Poor Moonflight's head's gonna explode if we don't stop these vandals soon.

    Somehow …

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