OK, we all know Bluestar; the ThunderClan leader that mated with Oakheart, the RiverClan deputy, and befriended Crookedstar, the RiverClan leader.

OK, now let's imagine that Bluestar, when she was Bluefur, was so sad about losing her kits, she went to RiverClan? I know she'd never do that, but what if she did? I have some predictions;

  • Bluefur would still be alive, as she died saving ThunderClan from the dogs, but, though she would still have connections to ThunderClan, she wouldn't have died saving ThunderClan from the dogs, as she would be a RiverClan cat.
  • RiverClan probably wouldn't have joined TigerClan, as Bluefur would probably convince Leopardstar not to join TigerClan.
  • Thistleclaw would've probably become Thistlestar, the leader of ThunderClan, and would've joined TigerClan, making TigerClan made up of ThunderClan, ShadowClan, and BloodClan, while RiverClan and WindClan would've stayed seperate, as I am sure they still had suspicions for each other after WindClan's exile.

Any other ideas?

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