I know that there are already a lot of things about this, but I wanted to talk about it. First, let's talk about the points of view. I think that along with Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Dovewing, and Ivypool's point of view, Hollyleaf and Firestar should have some points of view. The reason why is because I want Firestar to lose his second-to-last life by Sol. Then, a lot like what happened in The Darkest Hour, Firestar would be met by a lot of StarClan cats and maybe even a few SkyClan ancestors. Bluestar could talk to Firestar about how he is on his final life, and she could tell him that he had to choose it wisely. Then Pinestar begins talking to Firestar about how he didn't choose wisely when he decided to become a kittypet and when he abandoned his kits; Nightkit, Mistkit, and Tigerkit. Then Firestar could realize that Tigerkit was Tigerstar, and he could get worried, but then Pinestar could tell Firestar that he was also a leader of ThunderClan. Now here is a list of other things that I want to happen.

  • During the ThunderClan vs. WindClan and Sol war, ThunderClan could get ShadowClan for help, since ShadowClan cats can hunt and fight in the dark better than any other Clan cats.
  • Twolegs could turn the lake into a Twolegplace, like what happened to the forest, but before the Clans could move to a new home, Dark Forest cats could start a war and block the Clans, trapping them in The Lake Territories.
  • In the prologue, Graystripe and Millie could be killed by Brokenstar, who was stalking Ivypool. But Firestar thought that Ivypool was leading Brokenstar to camp, and Firestar exiles Ivypool.
  • During the main battle, Mistystar could have an army; all of RiverClan and a few ThunderClan cats, as well as some StarClan cats. I think that the StarClan cats fighting with Mistystar could be Stonefur, Mosskit, Graypool, Bluestar, Oakheart, Crookedstar (to go with Oakheart), Silverstream (to go with Crookedstar), Willowkit (to go with Crookedstar), Crookedstar's other kit (which I forgot the name of), Feathertail (to go with Silverstream), Graystripe (to go with Feathertail and Silverstream), Millie (to go with Graystripe), Snowfur (to go with Bluestar), Whitestorm (to go with Snowfur), Sootfur (to go with Whitestorm), Goosefeather (to go with Bluestar), Moonflower (to go with Bluestar and Goosefeather), Morningkit (to go with Graypool), and Rippleclaw (to go with Graypool).

That's about all of my ideas, but if you have any others, you can just add.

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