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    How to Get Away With Being a Jerk: Warriors Edition

    In Warriors, no one is perfect (no, not even Firestar). Everybody acts like a jerk, everybody gets pissed, everybody does something bad at one point. However, that does not mean cats in this world can go on a killing/stealing/maiming rampage, because that is against their laws and will land them in the Place of No Stars, aka the Dark Forest, aka cat hell. Which means they live their afterlife in a place that is basically torture. No food, no scratching post, no cat toys . . .

    Wait, that's kittypet hell.

    Back on track.

    StarClan punishes those who do wrong, but StarClan is not the equivalent of God. God is wise and all-knowing. StarClan is full of cats who don't become omni-benevolent upon asce…

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  • StarlightGirlHSS

    Here. I'm going to write another blog since forever. Tada!

    Okay so it'll be about my favorite to least favorite books in each arc and why. Top is favorite to least favorite.

    Please note that I have not read some of these books in a while, so my memory will be rusty.

    Hawkwing's Journey is a superb book. It is a wonderful example of how loss can affect a cat. The Erins did a great job weaving the story of Hawkwing, who loses his brother Duskpaw to a fire. He blames Pebblepaw, a cat he does not like very much, and loses his father and home to rogues some time afterwards. Hawkwing's Journey is a good example of how hardship, loss, and other things can give way to a good cat. And it doesn't hurt that he becomes deputy. I like this personally becaus…

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  • StarlightGirlHSS

    Cat Genetics

    March 23, 2017 by StarlightGirlHSS

    Cat Genetics. So simple, yet so complicated. Let's see how short-furred and long-furred genes get passed down. Let's use the Firestar family.

    Daisytoe and Flashnose - These two are sisters, and are long-furred. It is unknown whether they carry the short-furred gene.

    Swiftbreeze and Adderfang - These two are mates. Swiftbreeze is short-furred, while Adderfang is long-furred. Swiftbreeze carries the long-furred gene via Flashnose, but it is unknown in Adderfang.

    Robinwing and Fuzzypelt - Robinwing is short-furred while Fuzzypelt is long-furred. It is unknown whether they carry the opposite gene.

    Redtail and Brindleface - Brindleface is short-furred, while Redtail is obviously long-furred. Brindleface has the long-furred gene via Fuzzypelt, and R…

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  • StarlightGirlHSS

    Hey. It's Stormhawk. I think that some cats should be thrown out of StarClan into the Dark Forest. And some Dark Forest cats don't deserve to be there. I'll give a run down of the Dark Forest cats:

    EDIT: I'm being much more descriptive on these, so there you go.

    Antpelt - To be honest, I don't know his intentions, or whether or not he wanted to actually be a part of the DF's real motives. All I can say is, nice job Ivypool.

    Bee - The black-striped yellow she-cat from DoTC acted like she wanted to join the Clans, buddying up with them, but not really contributing. (is that how it goes?) That really should be a red flag to the others. After all that, she ran away, but not before attacking Fern and telling her she was a big traitor. Yes, Fern was…

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