Hey. It's Stormhawk. I think that some cats should be thrown out of StarClan into the Dark Forest. And some Dark Forest cats don't deserve to be there. I'll give a run down of the Dark Forest cats:

EDIT: I'm being much more descriptive on these, so there you go.

Dark Forest Cats

Antpelt - To be honest, I don't know his intentions, or whether or not he wanted to actually be a part of the DF's real motives. All I can say is, nice job Ivypool.

Bee - The black-striped yellow she-cat from DoTC acted like she wanted to join the Clans, buddying up with them, but not really contributing. (is that how it goes?) That really should be a red flag to the others. After all that, she ran away, but not before attacking Fern and telling her she was a big traitor. Yes, Fern was a traitor, to Slash's group, which wasn't the best place to live for some cats anyways.

Beetle - I actually didn't pay much attention to this tom. So . . . eh.

Blizzardwing - Don't know why he's here. 

Brightflower - Brokenstar turned her own daughter against her, making the poor mom believe Yellowfang out of all cats killed Marigoldkit and Mintkit. You think that Brightflower would be like Are you kidding me? Yellowfang would never do that!, but no. She was too caught up in her grief and rage to think about anything else. So she targeted her own daughter, and let Yellowfang be exiled. After that, honestly, she probably wasn't thinking about anything else but Yellowfang murdering her kits. And as for her daughter revealing the truth, that probably amped her grief and rage up by 1200%, and may have snapped her. It was her own leader (or possibly a fox, idk), her own leader, the one she looked up to, that killed those kits. Because they were no use. Because they were weak. Because they didn't deserve to live. That was the breaking point, I suppose.

Brokenstar - A kit-killer. Sure, you could argue that Lizardstripe and his foster siblings Tangleburr and Deerfoot influenced him, etc. etc., but childhood trauma and bullying is only the foundation. A person/cat has to take that leap to actually do bad things. They can resist their urge, like Bramblestar did. This cat broke the warrior code by sending kits off to battle. Many kits died, and parents heartbroken, because of this dude. But did he care? Nope! He practically had no love for anyone. He didn't care about Cloudpelt, who was dying. He didn't care about Yellowfang, who tried to love him and care for him when nobody else did. He also didn't care about Raggedstar, his father, his own dad, who loved him, spoiled him, and practically gave it easy to him. If that doesn't qualify for the DF, I don't know what does.

Clawface - He may or may not have been influenced, but he did show that he actually has a heart.

Darkstripe - Okay. Influenced or not, this dude is . . . I don't know what to say. Taunting Fireheart along with some of the others. Not good, but not evil level. Shrewclaw did that to Tallstar and he didn't get thrown in the DF. Yet, he tried to disobey the leads, who were Bluestar and Fireheart. Fireheart came up with a plan, but he wanted to take them to Tigerstar, actually disobeying what Fireheart wanted. Later, he wouldn't stand up for Fireheart, and actually tried to kill a kit, ran off with Tigerstar, then ran off with BloodClan. A shifting loyalty, and unclear motives. I don't know about this dude, but he is one heck of a character.

Deerfoot - Could be influenced, but not really a big one.

Hawkfrost - All right. Simple. (jk, but eh) First, his obvious bias against Stormfur and Brook and wanting to get them kicked out of RiverClan is already something fishy. Then his desire to take over the lake with no thought of the elders or kits is also a red flag. The final push is when he tries to convince Brambleclaw to kill his own leader. Hawkfrost has no right to be meddling with ThunderClan, even if it does the same to all other Clans!

Lilywhisker - Apparently, she didn't come to terms with her crippled leg. That would be like Briarlight being angry at her broken spine, or Cinderpelt not coming to terms with her leg. Honestly, maybe she was so eager to be a tunneler that she was really angry. I don't really know where this is coming from.

Maggottail, Snowtuft, Sparrowfeather, Silverhawk, Shredtail, Rushtooth, Fenneldust, Batear, Houndleap - Where did they come from???

Mapleshade - I'm going to tackle this, but I may or may not have been biased for her. Okay. So she starts out with lying about her pregnancy, and seriously, she broke the laws. Yet, Oakstar was wrong to banish her kits. Her kits deserved to stay in the Clan, even without their mother. Yes, she did go crazy and kill some cats. Yes, she actually purposely killed them. Yes, etc etc etc. But maybe, just maybe, if Oakstar didn't banish the kits who did nothing wrong, then maybe we wouldn't have had this. It is only a thought, but a likely one.

Marshcloud - Don't know why he's here.

One Eye - He killed someone who was following him, and used his daughter (or whatever, I forgot) for evil purposes. Haven't read DoTC in a long time, so eh. *shrug*

Redwillow - He was all up for betraying his Clan, ShadowClan, and wanted to be a part of the DF's gang, which is why Blackstar made him kick the bucket. And then made Shredtail kick the bucket. Go Blackstar.

Ripplestar - The battle-hungry cat's favorite thing ultimately led to his downfall when he decided to attack at the Gathering. It is not a wise choice, and ended up dying because of it. Besides, he couldn't care less about the other Clans, so that is something to note.

Slash - He couldn't care less about the well-being of at least half his cats, which really says something about him.

Stumpytail - This may have been from following Brokenstar, but idk.

Tangleburr - See Stumpytail.

Thistleclaw - This one's really controversial. Does he deserve to go to the DF? On one hand, he watched a young kit nearly die because of his apprentice, and trains in the DF and is highly aggressive. On the other hand, being highly aggressive isn't that bad, so long as you control it, and anyways, most of Thistleclaw's actions were judged by Bluestar, who is super biased against him. And then there's the SpottedXThistle thing, which I'm not even going to talk about. In summary, there's really no evidence that he belongs in the DF. We don't even know why he let Tigerpaw attack Tiny.

Tigerstar - This cat is evil. Even Pinestar knew. Tigerkit was already a bit over the edge, though he was weaker before. And when given Thistleclaw as a mentor, his aggression was ramped up by 900%. No, Thistleclaw was not responsible for his apprentice's actions. Tigerclaw/star was. He chose to became evil. Destiny didn't. Fate didn't. And no, Goosefeather didn't either. Though it would've helped to try to tame his aggressive side a little.

Cats who I believe should be kicked out of StarClan:

Appledusk - Actually . . . not kicked out of StarClan. But he deserves some knock-down. Yes, he was right to be mad at his mate. Yes, he doesn't have to love her anymore. But for StarClan's sake do not blame your mate for drowning your kits when you suggested bringing them here, while the river is high! Also you have no right to turn her away from your home Clan just because she "drowned" your kits. You can always have more! What Appledusk did probably deepened Mapleshade's grief and rage further!

Ashfur - All right. Ashfur. He started out nice. A young apprentice who worked to avenge the death of his mother. Someone who understood what it is like to lose a close relative. Then he befriended Squirrelflight, and helped her when she was falling out with Brambleclaw/star. Still cool. Trouble begins when he doesn't take it well that Squirrelflight is becoming friends with Brambleclaw again. His hatred bursts for only a moment when he helps Hawkfrost get Firestar caught in a fox trap, but then contains it, if barely. In Long Shadows, the moment he has been waiting for arrives. He threatens to have Squirrelflight and her adoptive kits killed, and when the secret is revealed, to reveal the secret, all because of Squirrelflight's rejection. That's ridiculous! There are plenty of she-cats who he can find love with, he doesn't need to be Squirrelflight all day every day. He somehow can't get over Squirrelflight rejection, so he threatens to kill the ones she loves in order to hurt her, all for a simple relationship. I get he's heartbroken, but it's been at least ten moons at least. Can't he move on. He did "love too much." But he took it beyond that, to "love so much that he can't let go, love so much that he's willing to hurt his mate to get what he wants, love so much that he doesn't care about his Clanmates, only his love."

Lizardstripe - She didn't want kits in the first place, which raises a red flag already. Then when offered to take care of another kit, she did so begrudgingly. Also another red flag. While raising her adoptive son she didn't give a flip about whether Runningkit, Tanglekit, and Deerkit were teasing him. She didn't love him or want him. She didn't even let him have milk! That is child abuse, and is very wrong. Even if you don't like having children, you can't just deprive them of their food! This and Raggedstar's favortism is only the foundation for Brokenstar's evil doings. I'm not saying she caused it, I'm just saying it's a foundation on which Brokenstar built upon. His actions were somewhat influenced by his horrible past.