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Okay so it'll be about my favorite to least favorite books in each arc and why. Top is favorite to least favorite.

Please note that I have not read some of these books in a while, so my memory will be rusty.

Super Editions

Hawkwing's Journey

Hawkwing's Journey is a superb book. It is a wonderful example of how loss can affect a cat. The Erins did a great job weaving the story of Hawkwing, who loses his brother Duskpaw to a fire. He blames Pebblepaw, a cat he does not like very much, and loses his father and home to rogues some time afterwards. Hawkwing's Journey is a good example of how hardship, loss, and other things can give way to a good cat. And it doesn't hurt that he becomes deputy. I like this personally because it features a cat anyone can relate to. You lose someone you love. You take out your anger and grief on somebody you hate (or really, anybody). It's a relatable book, with relatable characters, and not characters that just . . . are perfect in every shape, way, and form. (cough, cough, Firestar, cough, cough)

Moth Flight's Vision

Ah, Moth Flight's Vision. One of the only books where it won't give me redlines underneath the names. (okay, okay, that's not why I like it) It tells the story of a young cat, misunderstood by her mother, and sets off to discover that a new group of cats must be born: the medicine cats. Honestly, I can see how this story is realistic. At the time, these cats don't really know about most healing plants like they do currently. So a medicine cat back then would have to be extra curious. I like this one because it's actually one of the good books--it tells a realistic story, that's good, and relatable. Your mate dies. Of course you'd be bummed! You find out that you can't be a mother and a medicine cat. Ah, so you have to make a sacrifice. It's straightforward and doesn't dawdle on completely unrelated facts (ahem, the reincarnation of Dove's Wing and Lion's Roar, ahem).

Tallstar's Revenge

Wow. Good book. It creates a scene of a Clan just like ThunderClan, but with the moor elements added in. It has good characters, good bullies (Shrewclaw), and a good protagonist. As a character, Tallstar/paw/tail is a good character, putting up with the teasing he gets from Shrewclaw about being a tunneler's kit. Sometimes his anger gets the better of him, sometimes it doesn't. He has a good friend in Barkpaw/face, the cat training to be a medicine cat. It just feels . . . right. Like any normal thing would.

Crookedstar's Promise

I don't know why I can't explain these are my favorite. They just seem right. Crookedstar is a cat who has been wrongly guided by Mapleshade, yet he remains loyal to RiverClan, and not to Mapleshade. He experiences loss at every turn, but soon, he learns that Mapleshade was never responsible, and that he is watched over by StarClan. This, TR, MFV, and HJ all tie for first.

Bramblestar's Storm

Okay, here's where it starts to get a bit boring for me. Bramblestar's Storm, it just, isn't special. It talks about aftermath of The Great Battle. Some cats have died. Some more cats die here. Bramblestar is leader. Rowanstar becomes leader after Blackstar dies. Bramblestar helps Tawnypelt's adoptive Clan. He figures out about SkyClan. The end. It's not good, I would say. Ordinary and average. It's not bad. I ranked it above Yellowfang's Secret, because in this book no one's being terribly irritating. (WindClan cats are being annoying but whatever)

Yellowfang's Secret

I don't like this one, really. Yellowfang develops a crush on Raggedpelt/star, and they go through an on/off relationship. It's normal for someone to get mad, but Raggedpelt's anger lasts too long, and also he's just being terrible to Yellowfang. He treats her horribly after she decides to become a medicine cat. He tries to persuade her to follow what he wants. He's a jerk. He spoils his son. He is blind to Brokentail/star's faults. He makes his son a warrior early. He doesn't give a crap to Yellowfang's thoughts and ideas. Sure, Yellowfang cannot say she is the mother publicly, but privately she is the mother, and needs to have a say in her son's future. How is Raggedstar's so blind to his son's faults? How can he not accept that he is half-kittypet and that Yellowfang wants to be a medicine cat. Also Yellowfang's powers are ridiculous.

Bluestar's Prophecy

To me, Bluestar is being irrational about Thistleclaw. You can't really judge a cat by his cover, and honestly, he's not all bad. Now, someone's probably going to point out that Thistle trained in the DF and Bluestar wasn't all wrong, but shush. #1, Bluestar spent waaaaaaaaaaay too long recovering from her kin's death. #2, she gives up her kits to become deputy when a, she doesn't know how Thistleclaw will be as deputy or leader, and b, her kit's welfare is more important. They're helpless kits, for StarClan's sake, and one even dies as she tries to lead them to RiverClan. Also, she tells her sister that Thistleclaw is toxic, then breaks the warrior code herself as she falls in love with Oakheart. Way to go, girl. This . . . sigh. This doesn't really click with me.

Firestar's Quest

Nice plot and all, but uh, it doesn't really click. A good side story is good every now and then. I mean, TR and CP are side stories, along with BP and YS. But FQ . . . doesn't really go as a side story. Why help reunite a lost Clan? Why? It. Doesn't. Make. That. Much. Sense. There's no point in reviving SkyClan, except for unknown reasons that involve cause and effect and destiny and whatnot.

SkyClan's Destiny

Oh look. More SkyClan. HJ was acceptable because it was good, it was kind of vital to the plot, otherwise you'd be scratching your head about where Darktail came from. (I mean, you still are if you've read HJ and TAQ but not SS) But this . . . is just telling the tale of SkyClan through its daily lives. What is the point? What is the literal freaking point of this book? Good side stories have adventure. Where's the adventure in this? You accept strangers. Then you help fight for them. You also accept a cat named Egg that never appears later. Okay. I don't get the point. This may have turned into a rant, I'm sorry if it did.

The Prophecies Begin

The Darkest Hour

I've loved this ever since I've read it and it is still my favorite to this date. I've reread it like five times now, which means duh yes I love this. (Other books I've reread five times are Blood of Olympus and probably Divergent) The plot twist, the suspense, the shock you get . . . It just makes me like it even more each time I read it. Maybe the twist was obvious, maybe it wasn't. Whatever it was, I couldn't care less. It's my favorite book of all time and that's just gonna blind me.

A Dangerous Path

Very good book, almost as good as TDH. But this has all the necessary suspense and good plot enough to make to the top of my list. I was drawn in, I was hooked. Tigerstar's threat still looms over ThunderClan, and as Bluestar's faith crumbles, Fireheart must take up the leader position himself. Fireheart's doubt, his drama with Sandstorm, and everything else is woven into an action-packed story.

Into the Wild

A good first book. Nothing tops a first book like this one. It drew me in, leaving wanting to know what was next. The story of Rusty as he journeyed through his apprenticeship and his trying to fit in despite being a kittypet . . . It all fit together, leaving me wanting more. The whole world could stop, I just want to know what happened next! (haha kidding if the world stopped I would be concerned)

Rising Storm

It wasn't the best book ever. All we know is that Bluestar's mental health is declining, and Fireheart must step up as deputy to do her job and pray she doesn't fully lose her sanity. Then a fire happens. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Forest of Secrets

Literally the only good thing about this is Fireheart and Graystripe figuring out who truly murdered Redtail, and then exposing it to the Clan. I was cheering at this point. At the time this was my favorite book. But now . . . meh. This and RS are tied.

Fire and Ice

One. Of. The. Most. Boring. Books. Ever. Nothing exciting happened except for Graystripe's forbidden relationship. At first, forbidden relationships are fun, but now they're just warped and ugh. LeafXCrow is kind of one of my favorites, HeatherXLion is a simple crush, but seriously? FireXSpotted? I remember no indication of interaction between those two that would prompt anything . . . I'm digressing, aren't I? So yes. Boring. No action. All we figure out there is that SilverXGray is on and that Tigerclaw is being evil. The end. Oh, and Fire and Gray fall out, and make up, and WindClan comes home. Yay?

The New Prophecy


So this was one of the not-so-great arcs, so these books aren't the best, but this one is good because of the action between Onewhisker/star and Mudclaw, the two contenders for leader of WindClan. As the tension builds up between the two cats, battle breaks out, and honestly you know sooner or later Onestar's gonna make sure the four Clans are actually four Clans, not three-Clans-but-one's-twice-the-size-of-the-other-two sort of thing.


Really, the only reason this is even this far up on the list is because it's not boring and filling its pages up with whatever. I also do not really like the fact that the Erins botched the whole reincarnation thing. Why favor Cinderpelt? If they did that to her, that would mean that Mosskit, Snowkit, and practically every cat that did not fulfill their potential would have to be reincarnated. However, I kind of like the drama between Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw, because it wouldn't be realistic for them not to fight, what with Squirrel's sassy personality. (that she has now dropped, why erins) However, the poor quality of the overall arc to me is shocking and therefore makes this one of my least favorite arcs.


I love the fact that this describes the journey, though fitting it into one book seems a little too short. The way I see it, the Erins could've split the journey into two books, with Dawn cutting off on a cliffhanger, and then Starlight starting out where Dawn left off. One of the things I'm still annoyed at is how long it takes for the Clans to realize they have to get the heck outta there. Makes me miffed, and then Mudfur's death just makes everything worse. Not saying Mudfur is a bad cat, he's hecka awesome, but seriously, why delay the journey?


Reason I put it here is because I found it kind of boring, yet still good. Just talks about the Clans trying to restore order after the journey, and everyone getting acquainted with the new loner recruits from the barn: Daisy and her kits, Berrykit, Mousekit, and Hazelkit. I don't really mind half of them, but Berrynose gets kind of annoying and Daisy is just plain lazy. (I propose that either Cloudtail or Brightheart drag her out the nursery by the tail and scold her for just staying with the kits; as far as I know, she has never contributed to a hunt or patrolled.) To be honest, ShadowClan kind of ticked me off when they refused to help Berrykit, because that's technically breaking the warrior code. Berrykit may be part loner/kittypet, but the warrior code states that any cat must help a kit in trouble, no matter where it comes from or where its loyalties lie. (I would just like to rip those ShadowClan cats' fur off)


Boring. I skimmed through this, so feel free to disagree. All it says is that Feathertail died saving some out of the blue cats that no one even really cares about. And then several cats die back home, and the journeying cats struggle to get over Feather's death and get home. Oh, did I mention that it's probably leaf-bare and that this book just basically is about homecoming and hardships back home? I could've read Dawn after Midnight and not be too terribly confused. In fact, that's what I did.


Actually, i messed up the order. It should be Midnight then Moonrise. Why? Because Midnight, although not exactly better actually explains why those six cats went off in the first place. The Clans are being destroyed, and they must get answers from a wise badger so that they'll know how to save their Clans, and you know, not die. It also kind of leaves off on a cliffhanger, but not really. Not the best book ever, but whatever.

Power of Three

Long Shadows

I loved this book. Power of Three also kind of lost me. But this book is pretty good. Although I don't get the whole reincarnation thingy of Jayfeather and Jay's Wing. Like, what? However, the plot isn't that boring or predictable, although the fact that ShadowClan is taking the word of a rogue over someone else with a little bit more reasoning is questionable. The fact that the three ThunderClan cats and ShadowClan cats are so willing to do anything to get ShadowClan back to the other Clans is kind of amusing. Also when they mention knocking out Blackstar, and one the apprentices commenting that he's huge and they can't drag him, that just made me laugh.


Ah, one of the arguably better books of the series. The part where Jay, Holly, and Lion turn their back on their "mother" and try to figure out the truth. When they find out that they are actually not Squirrely's kits, but leafpool's kits, then all Hades breaks loose. Honeyfern dies, BrambleXSquirrel dies out, and Leafpool is shamed. The way it's leading up to this makes it a good book. Though I am seriously averse to the yelling here. (yes, I'm weird) Also Dovekit and Ivykit are cute kitties.


Getting boring . . . one of the only exciting things that happen here is the eclipse, which I believe to be a total solar eclipse. That's like, the only good thing. Driving the plot forward, well, this book does it, but I still didn't really like it.


Um . . . don't shoot me, but I'm not really fond of this book. All I remember is that the cats go up to the mountain to help with some stray rogues . . . why? The Clan cats don't have any loyalty to the Tribe, especially not WindClan? I don't get it? Also here, Crowfeather is a total jerk. He doesn't pay any attention to Breezepelt/paw, and honestly? Jayfeather could've found out about the prophecy a totally different way. The Tribe is being attacked by rogues. Big deal! Stoneteller has lost faith in his ancestors. Whatever. The Clans have no obligation to do this; this is only a favor. WindClan definitely has no obligation, and while ThunderClan helps a friend in need, WindClan doesn't need to do anything. There is no point in trying to reform the Tribe and help Stoneteller, because ThunderClan does not need to. Moving on from my rant . . .

The Sight

It introduces us to the characters, and no, I don't remember half of it, but it introduces us to Jaykit, Lionkit, and Hollykit. Main protagonists.
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Dark River

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