Scourge, it's obvious isn't it? After all, he proved he was more evil by killing Tigerstar, and he didnt just kill him, he REALLY killed him ripping all of his nine lives in one blow. Tigerstar never had a chance! But his revenge didn't stop there. Scourge's overall goal was to destroy everything and everyone in the forest before he was content. while Tigerstar only wanted to take over and 'improve' the clans. Scourge would have succeeded in his plan is it weren't for Firestar, but if the playing field were level and Firestar only had one life, scourge would have killed him, easy as pie. Scourge is also much better looking than Tigerstar. A sleek black tom, compared to and old battle scarred tabby? the clear winner to this contest could be none other than Scourge


The winner here could only be the power hungry Tigerstar. In fact, Tigerstar was the one who MADE Scourge evil by beating the pudding out of him when he was a kit. Tigerstar kills more cats than any other character in the first series and manages to keep himself alive until the last book, while Scourge hardly even lasts ten chapters! And Tigerstar wouldn't even let being DEAD keep him down he just plotted more revenge, raised another army, and killed some more cats. Tigerstar is bigger smarter and scarier than Scourge and there is no other cat you hate more in the series you never see any Tigerstar fans, but everyone loves scourge only one cat and be the best and the winner here is ovbviously the one and only Tigerstar.

Who do you think is more evil? vote in the comments!

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