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    Before I go in-depth to discuss this topic of lacking of realism in the Warriors series, I would like to acknowledge the fact that this is a fiction book. Fiction means non-factual and imaginary, in short. I do not have an issue with the fact that the book is a fiction book, since I am a fan of numerous other fiction series that are written well. However, as much as I do not have a problem with the label on the book, I have a problem with what the book itself contains. I would like to note that I understand Warriors is a completely fictional series, but as far as reincarnation, death meanings, battle numbers, love expression, and the super-powers go, my mind has difficulty grasping these ideas in a book, especially since they do not blend …

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  • Atomic Angel

    I think I've made my heavy dislike of Spottedleaf rather unclear as well as the reasons I despise this "flawless" character and her intentions. Prior to beginning, I would like to say that I believe that Spottedleaf was a character I approved of, in Into the Wild. However, the moment she made her place in StarClan known to Fireheart in Fire and Ice, my respect for her dropped quite a bit and has been lowering rapidly as the series dragged on. On that note, let's discuss.

    It was quite obvious that Spottedleaf had taken a liking to Fireheart early in the series, and it was confirmed that he felt the same way when he received his nine lives in The Darkest Hour. I pity Sandstorm, who has had to question the loyalty of her own mate, thanks t…

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  • Atomic Angel

    Before I begin, I would like to say that Hollyleaf was a decent cat. She followed the warrior code carefully, which seems to never be regarded by the Clans anymore, as well as made decisions that were deemed good for the sake of her Clan...up until Sunrise, that is. Her loyalty to the laws her ancestors had created was never questionable. However, did Hollyleaf take the situation too far in Sunrise? That is a matter I will be discussing in this blog.

    Hollyleaf's Faith

    Hollyleaf's faith in the warrior code was undying. While all apprentices are supposed to follow the laws created by the early cats from the Clans, the warrior code gradually began to lose more meaning the moment Leafpool ran off with Crowfeather. Since then, I have not read a boo…
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  • Atomic Angel

    I don't understand why so many people say that just because a cat has "gray flecks" on his muzzle, he needs to move to the elders' den along with the cats senior to him.
    I seriously don't understand. Cats have the choice to move to the elders' den if they wish, though it is mostly decided from injuries that would put a complete halt or slow down actions that a warrior must carry out to help the clan function. It is certainly not decided by age; a warrior can stay a warrior as long as he is alive and well (Whitestorm, for example). It bothers me a lot considering that people are bringing up the Spiderleg Gray Muzzle logic (which I'll explain in a moment), yet they don't go further in depth about his age, his health and especially the way gray…

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  • Atomic Angel

    I despised Bluestar right after Moonflower died and I believe that grief can fade into strength or weakness. In Bluestar's case, it was weakness that her grief defined. It grew out of boundary compared to others and she went too far with her misery and pitiful attitude....Let's go in depth about how Bluestar reacted to the following situations.

    1. Moonflower's Death; Bluepaw reacted very inappropriately to this case. She was allowed a small time lapse to grieve, but her sister had already working harder as an apprentice after 1-2 moons to honor her deceased mother. Meanwhile, Bluepaw sat around camp and moped around while her new mentor's training began to fade away, as well as Stonepelt's. As an apprentice, Ashfur of ThunderClan (for example) …
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