Okay. As we all know, in the Warriors series, there is a set of laws called the 'warrior code'. This blog focuses on the punishments of many different crimes, and how strict these punishments are.

Lack of Punishment

Firestar's Leadership:

I'd like to point out a lack of punishments for crimes since Firestar became leader. In Into the Wild, When Bluestar was leader, for Firepaw feeding Yellowfang and eating the prey he caught himself before giving the prey to the queens and elders, Bluestar punished him by taking away his rights to eat for the day, and to nurture Yellowfang until she healed. After Firestar became leader, I have not even heard of that law of the warrior code being mentioned anywhere. And the cats freely eat whenever they want. What has Firestar been thinking? Has he forgotten about the code that has been around the Clans since the dawn of the Clans?
What about when Lionkit, Hollykit, and Jaykit went into the forest to chase foxes? If I were leader, I would delay they're apprentice ceremonies by a moon.

Leafpool and Squirrelflight:

As many of you know, Leafpool gave birth to Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather, her mate was from a different Clan, kept a secret, and Squirrelflight ultimately broke Brambleclaw's heart. Leafpool was never supposed to take a mate at all, even worse taking one from another Clan, and even giving birth, and keeping it a secret. Squirrelflight also kept a secret (however, she was a good mother to Leafpool's three kits), and broke loyal Brambleclaw's heart. For that, Leafpool was asked by the Clan leaders to step down from being a medicine cat. That's all? Before Firestar's leadership, this would be considered very serious, and just imagine how Tigerstar would react to that...Squirrelflight didn't even get any punishment except Brambleclaw dumping her.

Mothflight was exiled just because she was wondering around, not paying attention to the thunderpath ahead of her. While Leafpool, for breaking the medicine cat code, she just stepped down from her position, still being able to help out with medicine cat duties. There is a big difference between Mothflight's case and Leafpool's case there. I, personally, am upset with how the Erins have been neglecting the warrior code lately (and yet the dark forest wanted to destroy the warrior code...There's hardly a warrior code to me...).

Forbidden Relationships


These relationships aren't cared about too much. The Clans despise it, and there is some punishment, but not as strict as I would expect it to be.


Before BP, cats were exiled sometimes for having forbidden relationships (Mapleshade, for an example). Even in Bluestar's/Sunstar's leadership, there was great scorn for forbidden relationships.
Again, there's a big difference.


I'd like to point out Dawnpelt's false accusation; that Jayfeather killed Flametail. Just because of one cat's words without any proof, ShadowClan, RiverClan, and WindClan believe it. They had very poor judgement with that, and I was disappointed. I at least thought Mistystar (who was the daughter of a great leader, Bluestar) would show some good judgement and leadership. So, in conclusion of this, Jayfeather had his medicine cat rights taken away from him.

So, I'd just like to point out how different the early Clans were from the modern ones. In my opinion, even though the early Clans still had an undeveloped warrior code, they were able to punish those who broke the rules better then the modern Clans.

So, thoughts on this?