WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Thunder and Shadow. If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you stop reading right here.

I believe WindClan needs a change of leadership. I just read Thunder and Shadow, and I do not think Onestar is a good leader anymore. As a warrior and young leader, he was kind and reasonable, but since he decided he doesn't need the other Clans' help, his character just went downhill. I mean, invading TC was low, but refusing ShadowClan a life saving herb? That's not cool at all.

Harespring, his deputy, is a much better cat. He may have been trained under the Dark Forest, but it seems like WindClan forgave him or something, or else he wouldn't be deputy. He also didn't hold the petty rogue grudge that Onestar held and actually cared if a Clan, you know, DIED OFF. So he did the right thing and secretly gave the herbs to Puddleshine. Even StarClan backed him up on his plan!

So, I feel that Onestar should step down and have Harespring become leader. I feel WindClan deserves a better, sane leader. Might just be bias against Onestar, but I will start the We Need Harestar movement if I have to.

TL;DR-I feel Onestar is a bad leader and think Harespring should replace him as leader ASAP.

P.S: Sorry if I ranted a bit.

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