Leafpool is a warrior/medicine cat. Okay, I know a bunch of you would beat her up and feed her to the crows if you could. But honestly, this is a issue I have mixed feelings about, but they lean to one side.

I know, I know, she shouldnt have lied to her kits. But Crowfeather? Wait, After Sunset: We Need To Talk was to clarify she tried, she tried to tell Crowfeather that she was expecting, or had his kits. Honestly, I really thought he was a dick when he just brushed her off like that, in Sunrise. (I disagree blatantly with the title.)

After that, she was punished like hell for her wrong judgement. She was almost murdered by her daughter, Holly, and Jay and Lion hated her like crap. (Lion tried to understand, I think he was the best with Squirrel and Leafy.)

Then she had to bear the consequences of bearing really illegal kits AND carrying half Squirrel's guilt because she lied for her, after all.

And at the end, she became a medicine cat again*SPOILERS!!!*, but I think her punishment could have been longer, just because I love Jay-jay too much.

What yah think?

☺Swanflutter☺☺Here's to the new year! 14:06, December 28, 2013 (UTC)

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