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  • Swiftblizzard

    Hello. I am Swiftblizzard. I've started reading the Warriors books last year, which is really, really late for starting from Into The Wild. I've just started to read Yellowfang's Secret, but I just couldn't stop thinking about some of the cats in the books I've read earlier.

    For Firestar, I think from the start, when he was named Firepaw, that he must be the fire in the prophecy. I am right. Then he faces many problems from Tigerstar. Obvious main character evidence. Then he lost his first life very fast when he battles Scourge. Fair enough. After killing by the rats, he was killed helping Ravenpaw. 3 lifes was lost already. That's SOOOOOOOO fast. For me, at least. Afterwards, he was crashed by a falling tree, and infected greencough. The lifes was jus…

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