Hello. I am Swiftblizzard. I've started reading the Warriors books last year, which is really, really late for starting from Into The Wild. I've just started to read Yellowfang's Secret, but I just couldn't stop thinking about some of the cats in the books I've read earlier.

For Firestar, I think from the start, when he was named Firepaw, that he must be the fire in the prophecy. I am right. Then he faces many problems from Tigerstar. Obvious main character evidence. Then he lost his first life very fast when he battles Scourge. Fair enough. After killing by the rats, he was killed helping Ravenpaw. 3 lifes was lost already. That's SOOOOOOOO fast. For me, at least. Afterwards, he was crashed by a falling tree, and infected greencough. The lifes was just lost so easily. After killed by a fox, Russetfur bit him in his neck very cruely. He was killed again. Then he died again with an unknown reason, and died from the so-called wounds. Did he even have wounds?...I don't know. Well, 8 years was quite long for a cat to live, though. He was such a great leader. Poor Firestar. :(

Next is Russetfur, the died deputy that killed Firestar once.What confuses me is that Russetfur killed Firestar, but it is against the warrior code. After Lionblaze killed her, Blackstar blame this on ThunderClan for killing some cat. Didn't Russetfur kill Firestar too? She killed a cat and is still acceptted into StarClan. This is not fair, I think. And know what? Her Chinese name in mainland China means Yellow fur(黄毛)! I have thought that she is a yellow cat before I read the English version.

Sandstorm. Her change of atitude against Fireheart is so sudden. Dustpelt clearly envies Fireheart for being so close to her....tee hee! I still wonders what Runningwind told her when Fireheart and Graystripe went to find WindClan. I love her too. In fact, she looks very alike to my friend Ruby's cat. Another reason why I love her.^_^

Then Tigerstar. Although he is so evil, I still felt sad about his death-imagine being slashed from throat to tail! It must be very painful. He's such a bad kitty that his spirit got killed by Firestar at last. I wonder if there is any cat who is more evil than this never-giving-up cat.

There are many other cats that I want to express my opinions on. Time is passing quickly. Maybe I'll have to continue this blog later.:D

(Btw, I'm from Hong Kong, so I can read Chinese.)

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