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    It's never been a big deal in the world of warriors, genetics. Firestar is Firestar, what does it matter if Firestar was brown rather than ginger? It wouldn't be a big deal, although his name would be different. But it's still fun to see how different the characters would be if the warriors world was genetically accurate...

    Let's start with the obvious: What would the great Firestar look like if genetics counted?Here's the short answer: Firestar would be Smokestar, or, at least, he would be a black cat.

    Now here's why: (be prepared for my nerdiness) Jake, being red, means he most likely had a genotype of OOBBDD, and Nutmeg was brown, or chocolate, likely having oOBbDD. The resulting kittens would have a genotype of oOBbDD, or black furred. B…

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  • Tangleblaze

    Preread: The last Hope

    October 4, 2014 by Tangleblaze

    Spoiler Alert

    I'll finally get to read the Last Hope. Wow, it's only taken me a year and a half to read the first four arcs plus 6 super editions. So I guess this post is a short reflection on everything I've read so far. Into the wild, (by far the best) was a real page-turner. The original arc was just...awesome. I loved to follow the adventures of young Firestar and Graystripe and Sandstrom. Every chapter something would happen that made me keep reading. Exciting plot twists and cliff hangers made it an enjoyable series to read. Especially in the Darkest Hour, where Tigerstar attempts to take over the clans and the epic battle with BloodClan. I think the original series was the best.

    Then I read the New Prophecy, when Bramblestar Squirrelf…

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  • Tangleblaze

    (spoiler alert)

    So, today I finished the power of three. I thought the last book was very sad. Hollyleaf was my favorite character. She was awesome, and totally should have been part of the prophecy! I just can't believe she killed Ashfur and then told the clans the secret herself. And then she dies...I'll be honest, I teared up. I sure hope she went to StarClan, despite what she has done. I heard the omen of the stars talks about StarClan a lot, so hopefully I'll find out. I'm reading the fouth apprentice tomorrow, I hope it's good.

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    Swiftpaw's Father

    September 21, 2014 by Tangleblaze

    (Spoiler Warning)

    No one has ever really known who Swiftpaw's father is, and it really doesn't matter in the story at all. But people still wonder. I've heard of several different ideas about who it might be on blogs and forums. Here's a rundown of the possibiltities:

    • Tigerstar: Yes, he did take Goldenflower as a mate, and had Bramblestar and Tawnypelt. Even though it is possible Tigerstar already was with Goldenflower when she had Swiftpaw, it doesn't really add up. We all know how proud Tigerstar is. You'd think he'd always be boasting about his wonderful his son was when he was born, or trying to turn him onto his side. Kind of like he tried to do with Bramblestar and Tawnypelt. Also, you never notice Tigerstar ever being affectionate aro…
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