What if Warriors was genetically accurate? (Coatwise)

It's never been a big deal in the world of warriors, genetics. Firestar is Firestar, what does it matter if Firestar was brown rather than ginger? It wouldn't be a big deal, although his name would be different. But it's still fun to see how different the characters would be if the warriors world was genetically accurate...


Let's start with the obvious: What would the great Firestar look like if genetics counted?Here's the short answer: Firestar would be Smokestar, or, at least, he would be a black cat.


Now here's why: (be prepared for my nerdiness) Jake, being red, means he most likely had a genotype of OOBBDD, and Nutmeg was brown, or chocolate, likely having oOBbDD. The resulting kittens would have a genotype of oOBbDD, or black furred. But that's just assuming if Jake's family tree contains little or brown or dilute colors. (Blue or cream.) And that Nutmeg had no dilute. In this case, we have no idea. So it isn't a solid fact that Firestar would indeed be a black cat. (I bet he'd be Smokestar, which is an awesome name.) The point is, we can't guess what Firestar would look like becuase we don't know who his grandparents were. Or can we?

Let's pretend that both Jake and Nutmeg were carrying both chocolate & dilute. That varries our answer a bit more, but Firestar still wouldn't be red, or ginger. He would either be a black, gray, brown, or lilac (light brown) tom. And, in this case, no matter what, Princess would be a tortoiseshell and white cat.

The Prophecy

Of course, it's his pelt color. It wouldn't effect the plot at all, right? Right? Well, maybe. The prophecy said, Fire alone will save the clan. Uh oh.

But, that can be easily fixed. The prophecy would simply say Smoke alone will save the clan, or Shadow alone will save the clan, or whatever his prefix would've been. But the prophecy wouldn't be as easy to interpret, considering Ravenpaw was there too...

But most likely, it wouldn't make any difference, even if Firestar was a black cat.


Now, Sandstorm is a little easier to interpret. We can see a little more of her family tree. Two generations back, I believe. Let's see, Her parents are Brindleface and Redtail, and her grandparents are Robinwing, Fuzzypelt, Swiftbreeze, and Adderfang. It should be easy, right?

The thing about Redtail...

It's hard to predict Sandstorm's scientific pelt color, becuase of one crucial thing about her father: In real life, it's alomst impossible for male cats to be tortiseshell. And even in the extremely rare case there is one, the cat is usually homosexual, or has an undetermined gender. This is because the tortie gene is caused by the chromosone that makes the cat female. But, Redtail is most deffinatly male, and is attracted to she-cats. End of story.

So, I'll make this simple. Geneically, all cats born from Swiftbreeze and Adderfang could be brown. So if warriors was genetically accurate, Redtail would be a brown tabby cat. As for Brindleface, her gray pelt is possible if her parents (Fuzzypelt & Robinwing) were carrying dilute genes.

Sandstorm's pelt

First of all, I'm going to assume Sandstorm is a cream cat, for time's sake. Cream, as I mentioned before, is a dilute gene. Warriors isn't genetically accurate, but this implies she carries dilute from both sides of her family tree.

So, if this is true, Sandstorm would either be: Black, gray, chocolate, or lilac. If you're not a genetic genius, this makes sense, since Sandstorm has relatives with these colors. But still, there's no way she could be cream, or even ginger.

Well, here are what 2 of the most popular cats in the warriors series would've looked like in the real world. I hope you liked this, and that your mind is properly blown.


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