Next week it finally comes...

Spoiler Alert

I'll finally get to read the Last Hope. Wow, it's only taken me a year and a half to read the first four arcs plus 6 super editions. So I guess this post is a short reflection on everything I've read so far. Into the wild, (by far the best) was a real page-turner. The original arc was just...awesome. I loved to follow the adventures of young Firestar and Graystripe and Sandstrom. Every chapter something would happen that made me keep reading. Exciting plot twists and cliff hangers made it an enjoyable series to read. Especially in the Darkest Hour, where Tigerstar attempts to take over the clans and the epic battle with BloodClan. I think the original series was the best.

Then I read the New Prophecy, when Bramblestar Squirrelflight and Leafpool begin their many moons as extraordinary ThunderClan cats. The legendary journey, the mountain tribes, and a journey to the lake. The last three books of that series kept me hooked when Tigerstar once again tried to take over the clan through Hawkfrost, Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt. And that moment where Brambleclaw had to choose between power and loyalty where Firestar nearly dies. I didn't think the next arc would be any good.

But it was, with Squirrelflight's and Brambleclaw's three offspring: Hollyleaf Jayfeather and Lionblaze. Saving the clans a couple times. Now, wait, Ashfur evil, Leafpool and Crowfeather their real father?! (I have to admit this plot twist was suprising and a little unnecessary, but who cares?) And then, <sniff>, Hollyleaf betrays her kin and dies! A few of you may have read my blog post about that. But then I read on, and in a week and a half, I finished the first five books of the omen of the stars.

Now Dovewing's in the picture, and poor Ivypool is forced to spy on the dark forest cat, whom plot to take over the forest. And Hollyleaf lives! Horray! And Sol is (partally) deafeated! ThunderClan wins the WindClan battle...but clearly the story's not over yet. The Last Hope...I've come so far. And in 6 short days, I will finish it all. The dark forest battle is here...

Please don't spoil anything for me in the comments

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