(Spoiler Warning)

No one has ever really known who Swiftpaw's father is, and it really doesn't matter in the story at all. But people still wonder. I've heard of several different ideas about who it might be on blogs and forums. Here's a rundown of the possibiltities:

  • Tigerstar: Yes, he did take Goldenflower as a mate, and had Bramblestar and Tawnypelt. Even though it is possible Tigerstar already was with Goldenflower when she had Swiftpaw, it doesn't really add up. We all know how proud Tigerstar is. You'd think he'd always be boasting about his wonderful his son was when he was born, or trying to turn him onto his side. Kind of like he tried to do with Bramblestar and Tawnypelt. Also, you never notice Tigerstar ever being affectionate around Goldenflower before Bramblekit and Tawnykit were born. However, if we're talking about coat genetics, it is possible Tigerstar was his father, considering Tigerstar's mother (Leopardfoot) was black, and his uncle (Patchpelt) was black and white. Therefore, Tigerstar does carry both black and white genes. On top of that, Swiftpaw also has amber eyes, like Tigerstar. Another thing I'd like to point out is that Tigerstar would at least try to persuade Swiftpaw to come with him before he set a pack of dogs on ThunderClan.
  • Patchpelt: A very likey suspect. He's had several mates in his life, it could very well be that he secretly liked Goldenflower as well. One argument I've heard against him is that he was too old when Swiftpaw was born. Actually, it's true that male cats stay fertile their whole lives. He could have fathered kits at any time. It's not impossible. Patchpelt is also similar in apperance to Swiftpaw, with a black and white pelt and amber eyes.
  • Tallstar: I have no clue where the idea of Tallstar fathering Swiftpaw came from, despite the fact they're both black and white. At no time is it ever noted that Goldenflower or Tallstar left camp alone. They've never shown any affection or emotion toward one another. See, whenever cat are the parents of halfclan cats, they'll show some kind of sign that they know something. Jayfeather noticed Leafpool falling into emotion every time she's near Crowfeather. And Bluestar has always shown interest in her RiverClan kits and sometimes stares at Oakheart at gatherings. But Goldenflower and Tallstar? No. I've also heard some people say they think Tallstar got fixed when he was taken in by twolegs, but one of the Erins confirmed this was not true.
  • Darkstripe: First of all, can you possibly imagine sweet, loving Goldenflower having kits with a cold, unpleasant tom like Darkstripe? They are opposites. Many can agree on this. Like Tigerstar, he's very proud. He wouldn't have kept so quiet about fathering Swiftpaw, unless there was some darker secret related to it...I'm kidding. But, with some couples, opposites do attract. And if he was Swiftpaw's father, it could have been the same case with Daisy and Spiderleg. Spiderleg didn't really want Daisy to father his kits, since they weren't exactly the closest couple ever. All the same, Darkstripe could have fathered Swiftpaw, being dark pelted and all.
  • Whitestorm: This is highly unlikely. Whitestorm has a mate and kits, and I can't imagine him having several mates in his life.

Well, after weighing out my options, I think it is most likely either Patchpelt or Tigerstar. But, this is just a guess. Not for sure. Please tell me your opinion about this, (subject and article) I'd love to hear it! 

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