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  • Tawnypelt121

    Okay, I just realized how much of an opinion I have about the Power of Three. xDDD So I wanted to blog about it.

    So, I sorta wanted to evaluate each cat involved in it, and how the Power of Three didn't really save the Clans.

    First of all, before I talk about each cat, I don't get why they "saved the Clans". Mind-reading? A blind mind-reading cat can protect a Clan from annihilation? I think Jayfeather did almost nothing. I admit, Lionblaze's fighter power must have helped, but super-senses are also pretty helped. The Erins sort of imply that the Power of Three, united, are invincible. Wow, they have superpowers... how impressive, is all you think. It doesn't really enrich the plot. The Clans would do fine without the stupid Power of Three. No…

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  • Tawnypelt121


    December 12, 2012 by Tawnypelt121

    I made this blog post about Ferncloud because I really hate it when people are like, "Ew. Ferncloud. She's a permanent queen and gets pregnant a lot."

    First off, the permanent queen thing. I don't get that. Just because they prefer helping the younger members of the Clan instead of hunting and battling makes them bad? I don't mind the permanent queens, honestly. I love how they are willing to help their Clan in a unique way. I don't really see anything bad. In the Dark Forest battle, they fought, so they possess fighting skills, too, so it isn't like they're lacking any skill.

    And here's the part I have the strongest feelings about: "She gets pregnant a lot." Three of her kits died. Hollykit, Larchkit, and Shrewpaw. But why is getting pregnan…

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  • Tawnypelt121

    My Opinion on Sol

    September 8, 2012 by Tawnypelt121

    Once I reread the Power of Three and the Omen of the Stars series I realized how much of a wacky cat Sol is. So I wanted to blog about it, since after The Forgotten Warrior, Sol is.... forgotten. He's the... Forgotten Rogue.

    So I wanted to stretch my opinion. Of course, he is mostly the cat who is blamed for comitting crimes, such as killing Ashfur (false). He is just a little plot-twister that the Erins sprinkle in for some suspense and mystery and end up always mixing in a teaspoon of Hollyleaf. Ashfur's murder and saving Cherrypaw and Molepaw are great examples of this.

    Now I want to talk about cats' reactions to Sol.

    Sol gave Purdy happiness in the winter of his life. So, I'm happy that Purdy has a friend, but, I'm also glad he got down to hi…

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  • Tawnypelt121

    Bramblestar: Really?

    August 30, 2012 by Tawnypelt121

    So, I was so furious at Squirrelflight for not telling Brambleclaw about them having "kits." And, then, at the end of The Last Hope, he just loses his mind and tells Squirrelflight, "Will you be my mate?" Of course, he thinks that she deserves a second chance, and, maybe even have kits that are really theirs. And, as expected, she accepts. Then he appoints her as deputy, and then they're mates again. My point is, really? After Squirrelflight's apparent lack of trust in Bramblestar, I would not make her deputy, if she didn't tell me that we most certainly do not have our own kits. And she's a bit overrun with emotions. I would of chosen someone more like Whitewing or Birchfall. But not just the sudden deputyship choice irked me.

    What irked me …

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  • Tawnypelt121

    So Much Wrong

    August 30, 2012 by Tawnypelt121

    So, I'm going to talk about one pairing that is just so wrong. This will contain spoilers, and also contains my opinion. So, here it is:

    Leafpool and Crowfeather

    I'm not just talking about forbidden love, and breaking the warrior code. It's just mainly stupid. I know Leafpool gave birth to Jayfeather and Lionblaze, two cats in the huge power of three prophecy. In my opinion, the power of three was just some cheesy more fantasy-esque thing that wasn't necessary. It's just really for a more rich PoV with the characters and more personality. In the end, the powers never saved the Clans at all. But, it didn't seem like it made much sense. In Leafpool's defense, she didn't know it would be this easy to fall in love... but with a cat that you've j…

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