So, I was so furious at Squirrelflight for not telling Brambleclaw about them having "kits." And, then, at the end of The Last Hope, he just loses his mind and tells Squirrelflight, "Will you be my mate?" Of course, he thinks that she deserves a second chance, and, maybe even have kits that are really theirs. And, as expected, she accepts. Then he appoints her as deputy, and then they're mates again. My point is, really? After Squirrelflight's apparent lack of trust in Bramblestar, I would not make her deputy, if she didn't tell me that we most certainly do not have our own kits. And she's a bit overrun with emotions. I would of chosen someone more like Whitewing or Birchfall. But not just the sudden deputyship choice irked me.

What irked me more was the fact that they mated again. I know we can't change Bramblestar's feelings for Squirrelflight, but, seriously, Bramblestar? If I felt the same as Bramblestar, I would wait until the camp was rebuilt and the main priorities were taken care of. But the timing wasn't just what caught me off-guard. The sheer question shocked me. It pretty much went like this from Midnight onward: I like you, I love you, you break us up, we "love" each other again, we raise kits that aren't ours so we break up, and then I suddenly feel a spark towards you, and now I love you to the point that I want to give you a second choice. Over that course of events, and what had happened since then, I would just move on. So, I do not approve of this.

Comments? If you support this relationship rekindling, great. Just don't fight about it.